Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay 

The beauty of contrast 

I cannot fathom the reason why.

Why is beauty synchronised with the exterior of a being?

The plasticity of existence is its lustred surface that glows with a false sense of pride.

We are all fragmented pieces of stars disseminating our light into the world that crashes the very essence of stability in our life.

We have to pay a hefty price for living in this world, for every smile we wear we have to sacrifice a moment to enjoy another.

Validating your own experiences is an integral part of healing.

When you embrace every event of your life and liberate yourself from your past. That’s when the magic starts.

If you will forever depend on the validation of others, you will be left wallowing in self-pity forever.

Give yourself all the time to heal, for healing is a slow process and it requires patience and consistency in it.

You deserve all the time you need to heal and grow.

With an antagonised sense of glim, with a planted emotion that the human body is the deciphered text of a person’s worth, we often associate the person’s value through their outer skin.

Only if the naked eyes could strip the layers of insecurity and see the bare soul of a person clothed in the reality of self.

Pondering over the thought, beauty is often defined in the pleasure of the eye . The delight of seeing someone who is radiant in the conventional standards of charm.

I believe in the beauty of duality. The mere existence of life is built on the balance of contradiction.

The enchanting presence of contrasting forces fosters the entire universe.

I believe in the beauty of contrast, with the depths of darkness there can exist ounces of light, with tenderness there can exist tenacity.

And sometimes when we feel fragile and vulnerable, and we think we are withering incessant gloom.

The courage to hold on fosters a chance to bloom.

The mortal world is existent today because of the collision of unlike forces that dwelled in the universe.

The being of mortality and immortal, grey and light, joy and plight. We enjoy the sombreness of the night and cherish the blazing ray of the sunlight. We embellish in the moments of animosity to savour the hours of felicity.

To stumble upon the rocks of the land we need to swim in an ocean of the unknown.

The divinity of being mortal is the unsettled minds of humans that drives him to the ends of his curiosity.

I would rather see the scars of pride than layers of plastered beauty.

Authenticity aglows beauty than any make-up product can ever have,

Tell me your dreams and passions that ignite your soul. Let me make you realise the beauty you behold.

.    .    .