Source: Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay 

Through this poem, I have attempted to convey the anxiety and sorrow of a man trapped in dark nights (figuratively). The poem is presented in the form of a story, using the art of metaphor and personification. I have narrated how this man finds himself, his peace of mind, higher calling, and freedom by breathing in nature's beauty and understanding the insightful life lessons taught by nature. And in this way, dawn shines in his life as he awakens to a 'new morning.'

Stolen lights burned my soul,
Craving escape were my deafening scars
Being lost in nowhere, I found myself again
Somewhere hidden in the depths of dark…

I saw when moonlight shimmered through curtains
At the saplings and blossoming flowers outside,
Deliriously dancing in the spring air,
Along with butterfly hovering above; wild and carefree
(Just like I had always dreamt myself to be)
Breathing heavily, I stood up for an audacious adventure;
My own expedition—a walk on the beach
Strolling along the shore; tides rising low and high,
I gazed at the sprawling desert of sand
Wondering about the castles sculpted during the day
And about all those faces drawn on sand, now washed away,
Alas! Even my footsteps,
Imprinted just moments ago, got washed off by waves
In my stubbornness, I reprinted my footsteps running back,
But the impressions were wiped yet again by vicious waves

Dejected, I sat crestfallen, blankly staring at the horizon
My gaze fell on a streak of light—
Breaking free from the cage of darkness—
And I smiled with euphoria witnessing a miracle with naked eyes
For Hues of enlightenment were now shadowing the sky
Ever wondered how the moon sets and the sun rises…
Even nature changes in a snap
Hence, even on the beach
There'll be new strollers, new castles every day
So, what's to worry about? Nothing's permanent anyway
We're all so tensed about immortalizing our existence
Unaware that we're just worthlessly scribbling on sand
That shall inevitably be erased in the end
So why not enjoy the moment we breathe in
But breaking this soothing silence was one faint whisper from inside

And as I removed the pile of trampled expectations
Beneath the ruins of ambitions, I found my forgotten heart
And I ran like wildfire following its roaring voice
While sunshine glimmered on my face, as the new morning shined!

.    .    .