Source: Cocoparisienne from Pixabay 

She’s a mentor—subtle yet stern
And her classes cannot be skipped
There are no breaks, no vacations entertained
Students are equally rewarded and whipped
In the classroom of world
On the board of time,
With chalk of destiny
She scribbles lessons filled with wisdom sublime
She commands with ruler of pain
Misfortunes are her lessons most dear
She tests frequently; all of them surprise
Handing out question paper filled with twists and tears

She reads nothing yet teaches everything
Lessons are time-consuming, hard to understand
But there’s no concept of failure or merit
They are to be continued till the end
All the chapters are scheduled perfectly
None can be taught either later or before
The strange sequence is to be followed
Compromising highs and downs galore
There will be assignments of responsibility
Team projects of maintaining relations complex
Over the journey, many answers will be revealed
Yet some puzzles will leave mind forever perplexed

Hardly any subject will be left untaught
She ensures no curiosity remains unquenched
There’ll be apex of blessings and smiles
And also nadir of losses and regrets

Her sense of humor is peculiar
She tests mettle by creating situations tense
She punishes severely when mistaken
Upon penance, she kindly awards another chance
Though I might never adore her
For we are interlocked in a perpetual strife
But I do respect her teachings
None teaches lessons better than this mysterious LIFE.

.    .    .