Source: Pixabay

All of us desire to live our lives freely and happily. But are we truly independent being clobbered by expectations, pressure, and baggage from the past? This poem is about breaking off those chains, unfurling your wings, and living life to the fullest.

No longer a prisoner of perceptions
Years I’ve spent caged up in mind
Time to shrug off chains of destiny
Time to leave the past behind
With blood and scars, I’ve paid my price
After paying my dues, I claim my prize
Comforting it was, being trapped in illusions
For peace of mind, I made the ultimate sacrifice

Never have I drawn breaths so easily
Never have I felt more content
Calling out my demons, I looked them in the eye
I put on a brave face and away they went
Waking up from dream, I’ve opened my eye
Intoxicated by liberty, I’m on a mental high
Strange it feels, having my feet on the ground
The dreamer within yearns still to conquer all of the sky

Unburdened off expectations, taking small steps
Climbing up the hills feels easier than before
Building up my life from ruins left behind
Opinions do not define my reality anymore
For I understand, what matters most to me
I’m myself, nothing more I need to be
Embracing my flaws, I toil for a better tomorrow
But I live in the present, and I finally feel free.

Break the bar of their thoughts
Break the cage of their expectations
Unbar the prison of their opinions
And take flight of your choices
Let the trumpet of success make noise
Stop letting fright of fear hold you back
Let the destiny have taste of your perseverance
Shout out to your limitations and hurdles
Unfurl your wings and live life of your dream

.   .   .