Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

“When one has much to put into them, a day has a hundred pockets.”
Friedrich Nietzsche.

There always exists a thin line between productivity and commitment. Productivity gives you efficient results and commitment gives you committed results. In this world, we cannot do everything willingly. There is at least one reason behind us doing something we don’t like. Commitment isn’t always something we don’t like. Some people enjoy fulfilling commitments. Sometimes too much commitment can result in inefficiency.

People do not realize that sometimes we are required to take a break from our commitments for us to improvise our prospects. For me, relaxation is being productive. You might be wondering how in this world, am I considering relaxation as productiveness? Well, being productive is nothing but enhancing our efficiency towards our work. Sometimes not doing the same work again and again and, taking a break from it can enhance our work efficiency. Being productive doesn’t always mean gaining profits and proving ourselves better every time. Being productive is doing something beneficial for us. Relax, and rejuvenate to efficiently reciprocate.

Now, when I talk about taking a break it doesn’t mean thinking of different ways to improve your work. Because you anyways do it while working. When I say take a break, you should do something which you love, like your hobbies or something you’ve always thought of doing but didn’t get a chance to. Taking a break need not always be fancy. Sleeping and relishing your favorite food can also be considered a break. Speaking to your close ones or calling up your old friends, taking a morning walk, observing nature, reading a book, watching a tv show, etc. are some ways to relax. Every individual has different definitions of relaxing. Just make sure that you don’t collide relaxing with the daily routine following.

Productivity in my dictionary is taking care of oneself and doing something which fills my heart with joy. Small things you can do to make your body and soul feel good are taking a luxurious bath, listening to music, reading a book, buying yourself flowers, shopping, eating relishing food, taking a walk, talking openly to your closed ones, writing yourself letters, doing skincare or hair care, etc. These things and all the good things you always wanted are the things you deserve. You decide your milestone but taking a booster dose halfway through your milestone will only help you reach your milestone more quickly and efficiently.

Relax to rejuvenate. But also, be aware that you are relaxing to rejuvenate and enhance your efficiency towards your commitments. A break can be short or long but there should be something that you get back from taking a break. For example, you went on a short vacation with your family but when you come back to work you shouldn’t feel any kind of pressure. Human nature is to desire and discontent. But a break should bring your heart and mind to peace and not conflict. Not total peace but at least to peacefully sleep.

Commitments can be considered as responsibilities or dreams or needs or our only choice left. Finding a work that you love takes time and even if you find the work you love, it takes time for us to progress in the field of our desired work. Two things in your mind should be clear and you should be prepared to face the consequences. The consequences can be good or bad but your tolerance and acceptance are what matters. Your acceptance and tolerance decide your stability. When you are clear that you want to only do something which you love then you should be ready to accept that you will experience an alternate chain of successes and failures in your journey. And, it might also take time and a 2x version of you to progress in your desired field. Whereas, when you want to grab any opportunity available right now and want to set a foundation for something you love after some time then, you should be ready to accept the ongoing situation and your decision. You should believe in yourself that you’ll work in a particular firm for some time and later set a strong foundation for your desired work. When you commit yourself to something, you don’t need to succeed in fulfilling your commitments but you should be satisfied and answerable for what you’ve done to fulfill your commitments.

Finding our purpose in this world isn’t a cakewalk. We experience a roller coaster of successes, failures, mixed emotions, etc. to realize what we are meant for and how we fit in for the meaning of a specific purpose. Every living being on the planet earth lacks something or the other. No one has everything. If we had everything then why do you think there exists a place like heaven? In this world, no one can be fully contented and every individual knows it deep in their heart. It’s funny how people say to enjoy your life because we never know when we die. This life is a mixture of all emotions. Our tolerance and acceptance towards these situations and emotions define our strengths and weaknesses. I feel for the majority of us, our main goal is to be clear with what we want to do in this life and what we want from this life.

Stay committed to your commitments but don’t commit yourself to more than your capability or tolerance. Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Hence, try learning from your decisions instead of complaining. Life is a one-time offer. Live to your fullest!

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