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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” - George Bernard Shaw.

The Almighty has made all of us for a purpose. Purpose of some is realized right at the moment while for many, their purpose is realized later. Each and every one of us deserves to live. Never think about sacrificing your precious life for those – who have always kept you hidden from the beautiful side of the world which you fail to notice every day. Ever seen those lush green trees whose leaves and flowers dance and bloom every time they see you? Although, wind has taken all the credit. Did you hear the birds chirping in the early morning? They thank God for granting them one more day to fulfil the purpose they were made for or to find the purpose for which, they were granted this day. Seen the clouds moving randomly? They wait for the chance to look at the most beautiful creation of God. Now, I know why you smile when you look at the clouds. Guess what? You give clouds a reason to move randomly in search of you. And, you doubt your purpose of existence! When people look at you, let them know how you are ready to experience a new day filled with adventure.

There will be struggles, twists and turns, hardships, confusion, hope, joy, adventure, etc. You will experience a roller coaster of mixed emotions but, DON’T GIVE UP! Because, these obstacles in your life will give you a reason to live, to try harder and harder, to not give up, to experience things which you never imagined of and to figure out the strength you hold within to fight all these obstacles.

We all adore a rich person and assume how their lives must be filled with luxury and joy. Ever seen a rose flower? It looks so beautiful. The deep hue it is enriched with, the elegance it holds, the love it signifies but aren’t we trying to be careful before touching it and going close to it. If we look closer, we’ll see that the rose flower has got prickly thorns attached to the stem. We are scared that we might get hurt if we hold the rose ignoring the thorns it has. And, we prefer to just look at it and mesmerize its beauty just like we mesmerize the more privileged (in our opinion) people and mesmerize the facilities they have access to and the riches they hold. And, yes we are scared to look at or know those people closely because we might disappoint our assumptions and we might realize our worth and we might start living happily because what is life without drama, right?

I’m not asking you to not to dream of a luxurious life and achieve it. But, isn’t “dreaming and trying” different from “crying and giving up?” Be grateful for what you have and start moving further instead of being ungrateful for what you do not have and stop moving. There are people who, smile just because of you. Do not take away their smiles. You deserve all the good things. Start taking small steps and one day, you’ll not even know the heights you have reached. But, you’ll definitely know ‘how’ you have accomplished these heights. Embrace your beautiful self. Just go with the flow and you’ll know how you play a key role in making this world a beautiful and better place to live in.

The way the world is advancing and the competition is increasing, we all are getting ignorant towards our mental and physical health. Competition brings out the best in us. But, it isn’t the same case with everyone. God has made us all differently. We all experience different emotions and look at the same situation in different ways. As a child, I was very competitive and tried to participate in most of the events and competitions, not because I wanted to be in each event but because, I compared myself with others. During that phase, I didn’t realize

how I was ignoring the things I liked doing and as I was growing up it became very difficult for me to choose my subjects of interest. One day, I get frustrated and finally, made up mind that I’ll do the things which I feel like doing or follow the path which makes me curious to bring out the best in me. I found my subjects of interest! Not a one-night decision but a decision evaluated based on many days of experience.

There will be something each one of us would surely lack. No one is perfect. If there existed a perfect life, why do we wish to go to heaven? Why weren’t we born in heaven? In my opinion, perfection is accepting our imperfections and embracing them. We need to fuel our strengths by utilizing our imperfections in the most creative ways possible. Now, coming to the people and the stereotypes they’ve created. The people who advise you and encourage you are different from those who always make fun of you and criticize you. These people either have already accomplished their purpose or want to emotionally damage you to achieve their purpose with their wrongdoings. It is completely in your hands to either take their comments to your heart or face them and raise your voice or simply ignore them. It is your life. It depends on you who you wish to give consent to, to be a character or chapter in your life.

Always remember, everyone has got a different definition of their respective happiness. It is again your choice to surround yourself with the people that make you happy or to leave the people who make you feel unhappy and to do things which make you happy and not force yourself to do things which make you lose your individuality. Compromising things should be in your hands. For example – Love makes us compromise a lot of things but make sure the people for whom you sacrifice things should have a sense of realization towards your love for them as well as the sacrifices you’ve made for them. But, make sure it shouldn’t be only one sided realization. Now, is when mutual understanding comes into picture.

Life is neither easy nor impossible. If we make our problems a big deal eventually, they become a big deal to deal with. Desires are something which deprive humans to stay satisfied with their own life. Ever seen someone wishing a life of theirs to others? Doesn’t each one of us feel that our respective lives have bigger problems to deal with? Perception is something which would either twist our problems and turn our heads completely or make our problems seem solvable and completely turn the tables.

We go through different phases in our lives in different ways. It depends on us if we choose to face it, hide it or escape it. Looking at every situation as an opportunity to bring the best in us doesn’t always bring the best in us. But once, you risk to take a decision and choose a path, there are rare possibilities of coming back as one path leads to another and another and so on….

We should just learn to stay happy with the decisions we make and if we aren’t then, make sure you stand up and not give up. We shouldn’t remain ignorant of the fact that time waits for none, starting again isn’t a sin and rise up champ, you deserve the win!

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