The millionaire holds his staff to the exact rigorous expectations. He likes those individuals who use basic logic when completing tasks.

And if staff fail to achieve his standards, he is not afraid to fire them.

Musk has a notoriety for being extremely hard to satisfy and cultivating an incredible work atmosphere.

We peered behind the veil to see what it’s like to operate for the world’s most aspirational firm, as well as the strange constraints he imposes on his hardworking staff.

1. Musk’s employees can’t avail employee discounts

Many businesses provide bonuses to their employees as an encouragement to utilise the goods and activities they advertise.

This tends to preserve staff engagement and appreciate their contribution to the organisation’s growth.

But, on the other hand, Musk has encouraged staff to adhere to the “No” policy, which he describes as “essential to our credibility.”

Musk has even threatened to “take corrective measures” over whoever offers a Tesla deal to their employees.

He acknowledged in an email that automobile rebates would be against the industry’s consistent price structure, and he has permanently terminated the practice.

2. Only Organic Bodily Scents are allowed in Office

Musk also has a solid reactivity to smells. His sensitivity to fragrances is so acute that potential aspirants are advised not to apply cologne or perfume when they approach him.

Musk’s aftershave, advertised as “A refined and unknown new smell that symbolises the mentality of innovators,” seems strange in light of this.

3. Abbreviations and professional slangs are not permitted

Although acronyms are shared in an industry, they have been outlawed at SpaceX. Elon Musk wrote a bulk email with the subject line “Acronyms Seriously Suck.”

He stated in the message that usage of acronyms had to cease instantly, or else he would take serious measures.

He further said that abbreviations comprised superfluous words and were frequently complicated and challenging to recall, stating that staff didn’t want to appear stupid if they didn’t know what an acronym meant.

It is said that after the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket burst catastrophically, he was exceedingly enraged by the usage of RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly).

4. Every week, 120 hours of labour is required

Tesla staff are known to work such long hours that they have invented the term “Tesla gaze” to describe their zombie-like trip-hop state.

When asked when an employee would visit his family by a Spacex individual, Musk said that the worker was not in line with Tesla motor’s goal and principles.

Musk is personally known for working such long hours, so he eventually expects his employees to do the same.

5. No Weekend off

Musk seems unconcerned with their desire to have an excellent work-life balance. Musk announced a new initiative that allows

Tesla staff to reside on-site to increase their working average time to 100 hours, forcing them to work Weekends.

Taking the weekend off appears to be a fool’s errand for the majority of Tesla staff.

6. Oh, you’re sick? That’s cool, see you at six tomorrow

Tesla lacks a safe and regulated environment, with numerous publications portraying Elon Musk particularly worrisome.

Workers who were sent on sick vacation due to a workplace accident were unable to arrive back to their job Musk has slammed any tardiness, stating that it is the cause of some businesses losing money.

So, regardless of how sick you are or what your goals are, you must come to work and be accessible at all times.

7. No Rules..!

Musk believes that everybody is born with rationality, pushes people to disregard business regulations and prefer following their reasoning and instincts.

He recognises that specific corporate regulations may appear absurd and inapplicable in all circumstances.

So, staff are expected to ignore corporate policy and decide how to continue on their own.

8. Free thinking isn’t allowed

Elon Musk has outlined new expectations for his workers’ thinking. Musk said that everything must be reduced to its most petite fundamental reality and then rationalised upwards from it.

This permits any issue to be dismantled into its constituent pieces.

With administrators, this logical method of approach was utilised to evaluate management expenditures. Anyone who couldn’t demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals was dismissed on the fly.


Musk has a reputation for being cutthroat. Unfortunately, Elon Musk was so susceptible to dismissing rampages that his employees were compelled to accept it, even though his standards and demands were odd.

Tesla justifies this by claiming that Musk only eliminates employees who don’t function well.

However, when a person’s ability is measured based on unimaginable assumptions, the statement may appear to be unimportant.