There are some famous people who succeeded very late in their age, for example, Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee, for instance, did not create "Fantastic Four" until he was just shy of 39, Samuel L. Jackson has been a Hollywood staple for years now, but he'd had only bit parts before landing an award-winning role at age 43 in Spike Lee's film "Jungle Fever" in 1991., Henry Ford was 45 when he created the revolutionary Model T car in 1908. My point here is that, you can start at any time, but all you need to do is try harder, only then, nobody can stop you. 

Research shows that starting to eat well, exercise regularly, and quit smoking as healthy habits can still have a significant effect on your health and longevity—even if you don't begin until after the age of 50. Compared with people who never exercised, older adults who'd exercised consistently since they were teenagers had a 36% lower risk of dying during the study period.

Even though it's better to form healthier habits early, as the research study and patient story shows, it's never too late to make dietary changes that can lead to a healthier life.

So here are few tips that can help you start being healthy at any age,

1.Be Active

Yes, you heard it right. Be Active. You can't just lie on your bed and think about getting healthy. You need to put in your action. You need to start doing what you have been thinking of doing. Being active and exercising reduces the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and many other popular diseases nowadays. “Exercise is also one of the best things you can do to help prevent dementia and other cognitive changes,” says Hillis. 

2.Improve your diet.

What you eat can completely effect your health. Too much salt can cause blood pressure and too much sugar can cause diabetes. So, always keep a watch on your diet. Mediterranean-style diet for anyone hoping to avoid dementia as well as minimize other health risks. It’s high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, and fish, and low in meat, sugar and processed foods—all to help your cells function better.

3. Get good sleep.

There might be many people who suffer from insomnia. Lack of sleep impacts your memory, emotions, weight and even your appearance. The older you get, the harder it can be to fall and stay asleep, but you still need the same amount of hours. There are certain foods that help you overcome this. According to the National Sleep Foundation, most sleep problems are a result of snoring, medication side effects and underlying medical conditions, such as acid reflux, depression and prostate problems. Addressing those issues with your doctor is a good start. You can also enjoy more satisfying sleep by creating a calming space, dedicating enough time for sleep and practicing relaxation techniques.

4.Quit smoking and drinking.

This can be the hardest thing to do. But, it helps a lot in recovering your health. There are many health benefits of quitting smoking and drinking. In as little as 24 hours of stopping smoking, there is a decrease in risk of a heart attack. As for longer-term benefits, Johns Hopkins researchers, in conjunction with scientists from other centers, have found that quitting decreased middle-aged smokers’ risk of dying early by almost half.

5.Work out as much as possible

Start working out as soon as you want to stay healthy. Do not start directly with heavy workout routines. Start slowly with easy ones. The experience level of the exerciser doesn’t really matter as long as the resistance or exercise is challenging.

So these were the signs to tell you that It's never too late to start being the HEALTHIEST you. Start exercising.