The value of things is not in the time the last, but the intensity with which they occur. That is why they are unforgettable moments and people”- Fernando Pessoa.

People around you are the origin of good times. Make an impression unforgettable to them so that they can remember you for good. Sometimes the moments you get in your life are from people and relationships around you. It is not necessary that success comes from hard work only. Sometimes the opportunities you have to make you do less effort to bring out tremendous upshots.

Being indelible is a blessing for the subsequent time of life. If you have a good chance and you gasp it on time then you will succeed surely.

Sooner or later we meet few people in our lives who become unforgettable to us. Just because of some good traits we remember them for our whole life.

At times even we give someone a memorable expression unknowingly. We generally manifest over traits. It is glad to know that we can even evolve them in our nature intentionally if these traits do not already exist. If we try to prosper them, these will become acquired ones to you.

To give you an idea three traits are explained here:

1) The trait that makes people remember you

Do not walk in front of me, I may not follow. Do not walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend

- Albert Camus

Human beings are full of emotions and feelings. To make a memorable impression on people, make a positive impact on their emotions or feelings. This will make them remember you for a long time.

When you meet people, be it relatives or friends, talk to them nicely. Use good language, address them with respect, remember the talks between you people, and listen to their every single word so that they do not feel left out. Respecting people is very important. Being rude and inconsiderate is a trait of selfish people.

Sometimes the person you are sitting with is in pain. Listen to them consistently and patiently. Try to console them with your comforting words because at times we also need someone to listen to us in this chaos.

If the person is trying to express his happiness about his achievements in front of you, make him feel delighted by celebrating his achievement and congratulating him. Be together with your friends in the sunshine and in shade.

The act of forgiveness should be your permanent attitude. If a person does something wrong and apologizes for it later, forgive him to maintain peace in yourself and give a calm impression to him.

While meeting someone, express yourself about how you feel about them and tell something you love about them. It can be anything like their choice of clothes, hairdo, smile, nature and body language, etc. Just anything they have and be honest about it because it’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

Usually, life does not send out invitations, so don’t wait for one. Take a risk and make it an opportunity for yourself. Be unforgettable. Be a happy soul and live in peace.

2) The trait that stands you out in people’s minds

Being different and thinking different makes a person unforgettable. History does not remember the forgettable. It honors the unique minority, the majority cannot forget.

It means to interact with people in a unique way. It could be your behavior towards them, how you greet them, your attitude, and your act of kindness.

To stand out means to differentiate yourself while sitting in a group of people. In this modern era, people act without thinking about what they are doing. So it’s easy to attract people towards yourself by just listen to them patiently.

If you listen actively to someone your behavior will stand out in the mind and give a positive impact. The person will feel comfortable sharing his views with you.

It is important to remember the things told by the other person to you to give a good impression. Usually, people do not care to remember so it gives a vibe of formality to the other person.

It does not take much effort to stand out. Just show a little bit more affection towards people and you will observe a drastic change in their way to remember you.

3) The trait that makes you a savior in people’s mind

Let excellence be your brand. When you are excellent, you become unforgettable

- Oprah Winfrey.

Support people in their critical situations, if you want to make your place in their life. Human beings are emotional creatures. They need someone support when they are emotionally unstable. Don’t make them feel humiliated while they are sharing something with you. If you help them in that time they will remember you for a lifetime.

Last but not the least, don’t be judgemental while listening to people either in the good times or bad times. Don’t judge them and point them out for something. If they are in pain, just listen to them. Sometimes people want someone who listens to them and does not give them lessons. Being judgemental can give the wrong impression of your personality and can break the comfort zone between two people.

People never forget who helped them or supported them in their bad times. This impression attaches them to you in an emotional space. So be the smallest yet the most unforgettable chapter of someone’s life.

4) The trait that makes you optimistic

The human brain is bound to have negative thoughts. Most people have negative vibes about something faster than positive ones. So if someone has the trait to be optimistic they'll become unforgettable. It's good to have a positive feeling or expectation about something because it creates a positive aura around you. People around you get positive vibes and a happy feeling if you are optimistic. This trait in a person supports another person in their bad times and makes you an unforgettable one in their lives. Optimistic people are self motivated and also motivate other people.

They take advantage of every opportunity, always in a happy mood. It is necessary to have a positive aspect about things around you and take it as an opportunity to grow, to learn, to achieve success in life. Optimistic people surround themselves with positive people only. They have the quality to express gratitude and respect to other people. They don't listen to naysayers. They are joyful and find happiness and fun in the small things around them.

5) The trait of having the tenacity

Tenacity means persistent determination. It is the best predictor of success in any field. It's not a matter of winning or losing. Sometimes repeated failures led to success that changes the world. We have heard stories like this also. We remembered tenacious people whether they win or lose because sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. Some people have this trait and the process towards success is more interesting to know than the outcome. This trait makes someone unforgettable.

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