Source: Pixabay 

Exactly like titanic, can't we be the huge masterpiece? We curse ourselves saying so, many numbers of times and in many number of ways, but we are a masterpiece, and we must know that to someone who is somewhere out there. At a certain age I wish and a certain turn of your life you realise it's your parents, you are. The air is cold in a way how it's supposed to be if you are the titanic, your ship has to go down in water even in this night you can't turn back. Why? As it's an old wine whose price is yet to be determined you compare yourself to. The water is plate straight for you to move your forks, or your blades you move your boat with but like an addict, everyone can know from our face many a time we are lost in our own paradise. We forget to eat, move our water toy. More what people say to us, the more it impacts us. Remember at such a point too much sugar causes diabetes.  With ship had a mother who saved it from drowning. By noise, we wake and move ahead in a direction our subconscious mind takes us to.

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