So let me tell you my story in short, I am a girl who belongs to a rural area where there are no scopes of job for a girl. Girls just do household work all day and there's no wrong with that but I have had some dreams for years that I want to be independent, I wanna do something. But all around me say why you wanna do a job, what's the need, marry a rich guy and he will earn for you but I don't want to be dependent on someone who is unknown to me. First I want to be independent but everyone thinks I am an idiot and no one understands me. And I got into depression, One day I asked my cousin's son (He is a special child), Sahil (his name), Can you tell me how to do suicide (by the way I don't believe in suicide I just asked kiddingly) but it doesn't look like suicide.

To this he said why do you wanna suicide just because you don't have a job, Even I want to live though I am totally dependent on others, I can't even eat food by myself, I can't walk, I can't properly speak. And whenever new people see me they watch me like I have horns on my head, they don't treat me the same. And I also have dreams and I also want to become something... And you are very intelligent, and I like your attitude the most, fight with them, go and achieve your goals anyhow. And In the future when you get success, buy me an electric chair. But don't say these things to me again okay!

From that day onwards I get motivated every single day by seeing him. Now I will do my best and work hard because I want to buy him an electric chair.

.    .    .