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Elluru a village where it is located in Andhra Pradesh state. The village where the politicians and local people are joined in the political party as members started ruling people in the village Elluru by taking the money and their freedom. Then here comes a Boy named Tarak age 30 who is born in Elluru to an Ex-collector family. 

He's a topper in Btech and does Mtech and he aspires to become a collector for their village, but Tarak's father refuses his career choice and says to see some other job and live happily in Cities but Tarak refuses his father's choice and makes strong decision to become the collector of their village then there comes the main part the election day for that village everyone does vote and Tarak stands in a queue to cast his vote when he shows his identity proof Aadhar card at the polling booth they decline Tarak vote and says he already voted, but the reality is Tarak has still not voted yet. Someone has done the cheating at polling booth from local party members and voted Tarak's vote. 

Then there is some rival between Tarak and the local party members, he gave a complaint to the police but there is no response from them because the police members were also bought with money by the local party members and Tarak has no option to say to anyone and forgot about the issue. Then he studies for the interview for the collector post to his village then he performs well and gets the collector post and becomes the youngest collector at age of 30. Then he researches the local party members and who is the main leader for ruining the lives of all villagers and farmers. Once there was a story of a boy named Ramu, the local party members wanted wants to take the farm of their family. Their only income for the family is that farm and the party members want that farm then Ramu gave a complaint to a famous ruling party leader in their village and the leader said he takes about that party members but the reality is the party members belongs to that famous ruling party then they kill Ramu and owns his land. 

The new collector Tarak knows about this and he fights for his village and researches more about that famous party leader than once there is a huge number of disease cases in their village. The doctor of the hospital gets to know that it is because of polluted water and consuming fish from that water, but Tarak doesn't understand how come by fishes they get the disease and die. Then he goes near to that river and lakes and finds the truth that the famous ruling party owns that lake and for feeding fish, they are using hen's waste you may get doubt here by feeding hen's waste how come people die because fishes eat hen's waste and live. But, the ruling party people mix factory waste in that hen's waste and mixes and feeds them by this the water and fishes which the villagers are consuming got the disease and virus and were dying. Then the collector files a case in his village to a district court on that famous ruling party leader saying all the truths and giving the evidence to the district court Judge. Then collector Tarak and the party leader give both their speeches and there comes a break from the judges of the court. 

Meanwhile, when judges are having lunch there comes a phone call from the famous ruling party that they should win and tells the judge to give falls evidence and here the judge also became bribe to that party and there comes the court the judges are ready to give their verdict but as being judge and seeing the ruling party leader he gives verdict by saying the ruling party members are mixing the chemicals in the lakes and rivers and were the reason to happen this much cause so we are filing a case on the ruling party member lifetime imprisonment and then the ruling party leader shouts in the court saying how much money did they bribe you and everything in front of everyone then police arrests the leader of the party and everyone in the village are filled with happiness and joy because they got their freedom and the court also declared to destroy those lakes and all were destroyed. Here comes the sad ending part of the story, It was a night with huge rains and collector Tarak was on his way home and there was a huge tree fell on the road and then he gets out of his car and tries to take that tree aside then there comes few of them with torchlights on and Tarak gets to know that they are the people who are the farmers and fought and supported the village. Tarak was shocked and asked what you all are doing here the villagers takes the knife and starts to kill the Collector and at last, the collector was dead. Here, in a few villages still, some people get bribes from politicians with money and liquor drinks. Here in the climax of the story also where the villagers felt happy and filled with joy because of collector Tarak who fought for them but the villagers were bribed again by the politicians and killed collector Tarak.

The moral is we people should change whenever if a political party wants to bribe you never bend your head or lend your hand to the first we should change people who are uneducated and gets bribe for the money and alcohol given by the party members at the time of election should change first those are the only people who are ruining their lives and all other lives by voting others' votes and becoming slaves for the party leaders. This was a real story of a collector named Satyendra Dubey a collector of Gaya located in Bihar. He was murdered by the ruling party leaders and by the people.

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