Image by Jignesh Solanki from Pixabay 

I was born on 15th August 1947. Today, I touched 75 years. My name is Mother India. The then so-called veteran leaders, ignoring their selfishness, put a lot of effort and cost their lives to make Me free. They encountered a lot to remove the dictatorship of the British Dynasty over Me. The day when I was made free, people inhaled a smell of great happiness and started to celebrate this day as a mark of joy over sorrow. The cheerful slogans, "Jai Hind" and Bharat Mata Ki Jai" were uttered by each and every citizen to express their happiness. I am glad to see the happiness of My children.

Seeing their cheerful mind, God was pleased and by His grace, I, a human being appeared on the lap of Mother India on the very same day, the 15th of August 1947, and started to breathe the fragrance of this beautiful earth. Yes, I am a citizen of free Mother India and overwhelmed by the greeting "Happy Birthday" and "Many Happy Returns Of the Day". Today, I am also 75 years old. Receiving these greetings, I used to feel very happy, but I am so sorry to say 'no more now. Because now I aggrieved to see that my Mother India is roaring for the lack of peace and happiness. From the very early age of my cognizance of the surroundings of this world, I felt grief climbing on every cell of my body when an unexpected and unwanted loss happened in my life. This loss is neither monetary nor any belongings or worldly pleasures or loved ones, but it is a misuse of money, use of the unjustified right of belongings, feeling of unauthorised worldly pleasures, etc.; that means loss of Loyalty. Once in my college class, I was taught by a professor that loyalty is the best glue with the help of which, one can strictly adhere to the intended honest purpose leading to a qualitative life and there is no option left other than loyalty to bring peace in mind as a whole. One can use it as a ship to perform his life's journey safe and sound. The most preferable road to walk on is 'we are the best to serve others and to opt this road for walking, one should have untired feet and it is called Loyalty. Today, in free India, all our leaders swear as they are the best to serve others who are children of Mother India. These children hopefully wait to get their thirst quenched but the consequences are not so. I am aggrieved by the surrounding circumstances to see the leaving of loyalty's companion with us because, in a race between powerful power and superpower greed, the former is twisted by the latter. Greed's existence in mind is so strong that loyalty, in spite of being the best glue, can't adhere to help the power defeat greed, and at last power losses its property. Hence, I did not find any concrete solution to stick to my loyalty, and as a result of which, the grief arrested and caged me in a cell of loneliness and emptiness, a place of darkness to await the dissatisfied end of life as was done by our so-called veteran leaders dedicating their priceless lives to make my Mother India free. In order to get rid of the end of dissatisfied life as is being suffered now, it is time to bring the loyalty in place and for that, another revolution is again needed. Again emancipation through immersion is needed by human beings altogether to bring the needed revolution. 

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