Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay 

Once upon a time, on the planet earth, people were living very happily with all the comforts provided by nature. No one was sad. They got readymade food from plants and trees and to grow them appropriate soil, and water from rivers. There was no technology. Everyone enjoyed nature.

But the time arrived, when people started inventing machines to use the resources. The era of technology began. But they weren't grateful of what they had, they always wanted more and started disturbing the ecosystem. People started cutting trees, setting up factories, and digging through the Earth’s surface to get the resources. The pollution increased. The ozone layer started to get damaged. Global warming increased. New diseases were discovered.

One terrifying day, the first case of a deadly virus came out. That was ~ The Ecoli virus. The virus shook the Earth. The virus was getting more destructive day by day. Millions of people lost their lives. No one knew the cure or prevention. Doctors, scientists worked very hard but there was no difference. Wait a minute, the situation would have been different if the people learnt to love the nature and saved it.

Years passed by, still millions of people were dying every day. The govt. Implemented many safety measures but nothing worked. Everyone was scared.

The virus infected not only humans but also the animals and trees and the atmosphere. The trees were dying. Water bodies dried. Animals died. And alas the scariest day of everyone's life came very soon, there were no plants left, no water bodies, and the worst no man was alive.

But after everyman died…the last man to survive didn’t have much time…but was ashamed of himself and other people who died before him. The last lines said by the last man on Earth "we should have learnt to be grateful of what we got for free, the situation would have been different"


"Be grateful of what u have, one day u will surely achieve something more".

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