There are so many fitness drills in this world, you can run, you can do workouts, you can go to  karate , and you can do freehand exercises. However,  one form of art of living is easy but tough to do with perfection. Yoga is the best fitness drill for any individual of any age. It provides fitness, and agility. Irrespective of someone who is an athlete or a contact sports person or an MNC corporate achiever fitness is a basic requirement to stay alive, active, and healthy as health is wealth. The art of flexibility and balance is a skill that might not be a cup of tea for everyone. DAYETA SARKAR a young talented girl from the town of Rishra, WEST Bengal has defined what exactly achievement is in terms of youth. Dayeta represented INDIA in INTERNATIONAL YOGA COMPETITION for the 1st time in 2012 in the ASIAN YOGA CHAMPIONSHIP. She has 3 medals in the Asian championship, one in the international yoga festival, and one world championship. Representing INDIA in any form of sports is the highest honor one can achieve and this young talented girl has exactly done that. People come and go but it is the achievement that stays forever in the tides of time. Let's take a deep dive into the details of her skill and practice.

Her Debut in Yoga happened in 2011 in Srikshetra Dharmasthala, Karnataka in the 36th National Yoga Championship. She secured a Silver medal in that. This is how her journey started. Her 2nd appearance was in 2012 in Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad where she secured 3rd position in Yogasana. It was the 2nd Asian Yoga competition. In the words of Dayeta, “16 years of practice, hard work, and dedication have made her achieve everything that she has done till now. Practice, Practice, Practice, and of course practice.” The journey is extremely tough and there are absolutely no shortcuts to it. The mind needs to stay calm for handling any situation be it extreme happiness or extreme sorrow. Some people call it sportsmanship. Flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance are the key forces in yoga to achieve and do things that look impossible. In professional-level yoga, there are 4 categories, 1 YOGASANA, 2 ARTISTIC PAR, 3 ARTISTIC SOLO, and 4 RHYTHMIC. Every time a normal person tries yoga fitness level increases. People who work in corporate jobs, high salaries, tremendous workload  tend to burn out at early age. Once a corporate man reaches 50 plus physical issues start arising. Yoga is that activity a kid of age 6, a young man of 25 years and an old person say 60 years of age any age group person can do that. Yoga is the only thing that works as a balancing act increases flexibility, reduces fat, works as a medication drill and most importantly it’s a thing of acute concentration. If a person can develop concentration, mind control power he /she will shine irrespective of whichever  field He/ she is into. Blood circulation, heart rate, speed, endurance every physical aspect increases with yoga. The motto for success that too at a young age is to remove all sort of negative distractions from the mind and keep focused on the goal. People around you will always say negative things. There will be objections from internal as well as external forces. The fact remains the same all levels  of  focus, concentration, determination can be fixed it will pave the path to success. Recently Dayeta won a Silver medal in the Yoga world championship the highest level of achievement, the ISYF WORLD SPORTS ARTISTIC YOGA SINGLE CHAMPIONSHIP. In short, it can be called as world cup for yoga. Talent cannot be stopped, it will find its way toward success.

Dayeta got inspiration from her parents to learn yoga and started practicing at a much early stage. The basic problem with success is people around you will try to demotivate you and will create hurdles in your path. YOGA has no future in INDIA, no government job, no appreciation just struggle. The toughest part is if the government is not supporting this venture of yoga it is obvious people will tend to be less interested. Better concentrate on studies. Hurdles will come in the way. Dayeta did face initial hurdles trying to manage studies and yoga practice at the same time. The world is never a bed of roses for those people who have the ambition to achieve something. Currently, she is pursuing a master's in Psychology. Doing regular study, classes and then at the same time achieving, running for dreams is something which is sheer pressure yet delivering it with passion. But that never stopped her from achieving her dreams. Although advanced yoga needs strength she never went to the gym. She does online yoga classes as well as a few offline classes. She teaches yoga to all age groups although a maximum of her students are kids. All she does is run, jog, squats, do push-ups, etc. at home itself. Weight training is something she never did. On a serious note, few of her poses are next to impossible. One favorite pose of Dayeta is the standing 180-degree leg split where the left leg is raised above her head and held by both her hands. 2nd most favorite pose is the handstand where the entire body is properly balanced on both her hands. The picas above will give a better idea of what exactly she is capable of doing. On a serious note, people will be confused if she is a rubber girl or some x men mutant who has no bone in her body and can rotate her body in any way she wants to. It sounds funny but that is the reality.

Being an ardent follower of Christian Ronaldo, Dayeta wants to achieve absolute greatness in Yoga. Her ideology matches with her icon, an absolute superstar who started from scratch to the 2nd richest sportsperson in the world. She is focused, hard-working, sincere, and got crazy yoga skills that are most important and she will reach a new horizon of success. Her achievements at this young age have already fetched her fan base of around 10 k people who follow her yoga. Few people do try to troll her but she is never bothered by that. The best quality in her is her calm mind which helps her win any situation. Currently, she is the most talented youngster with such levels of achievement. Being an achiever makes her an icon in Yoga and people who want to shine in this field will surely look at her as a role model and inspiration. The motive is to have a positive outlook towards life and give the best shot in your area of passion. Success and failure are just flip sides of a coin. Once you achieve it you become a legend. Dayeta is one such real-life example. Her parents are proud of her, her friends are proud of her, and people around her in her city are proud of her.

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