Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

“The grass is always greener on the other side” is an old proverb of English stating that other people’s lives or situations always seem better than your own. We people often think everyone’s else life is quite easy or free of trouble in compare to ourselves but this is not the truth. Until and unless we the not in other people’s shoe we should not judge their situations.

There was once a man named Austin who worked in a consultancy firm. He was not always happy with what he had, always thought to get more. His income was well, had a good family and quite settled life still he was not satisfied with what he had. He always thought that his best friend’s life was far better than him as he was the owner of the consultancy.

In school days Austin and Aaron were inseparable friends. Their bonding was admired by everyone. Many people with time tried to make them separate, but they were part and parcel like of persons. There were many times when both helped each other like in school and college days. Even Austin helped Aaron in the days of beginning of his company. But with passage of time, their friendship started to fade away. Aaron’s constant hardship and dedication towards his work paid him in a way that after a few months of starting the company it gains popularity and became famous.

Austin always prayed for life like his best friend Aaron. According to him having a company of his own and all luxuries in life make life more wonderful. But what Austin really doesn’t know that though Aaron’s professional life was good but his personal life was full of chaos. Aaron’s own brother wanted to curb down his brother’s company so that his own company gets all name and fame that Aaron is having right now. There was not a single soul in Aaron’s family on whom he can rely on.

All the tension and chaos going on in Aaron’s personal life affected him to an extent that his professional life started to get affected. His recent projects and deals were not being able to complete on time and hence some old clients backed out at the end. All the fame and name of the company was at stake but Aaron alone always tried to maintain everything on his own.

Out of his jealousy, Austin also thought that he wants to have everything in his life just like his best friend and for that, he started doing little misplacement in accounts, frauds, etc. But there was not a single time Aaron thought that his best friend could do anything like this to him. Even if someone shows proof of everything going on than also, he never doubted Austin.

At the bottom of his heart Aaron also did not want to lose Austin’s friendship by doubting him, but one day he saw everything with his own eyes. At first, he couldn’t believe that the only person who was with him in everything literally betrayed him just for materialistic things. Later on, with passage of time Aaron forgave Austin for whatever he did but their friendship was broken beyond repairs. Things were not same like they were before.

Aaron always hid all his problems so that the people around him think that all is going well in his life. Just like Austin, all the people who knew Aaron thought Aaron’s life is good but the reality was far beyond what it actually seems. According to Austin the grass is always greener on the other side but it’s not the truth here.

We human misunderstand or misjudge a situation at a lightning speed, but what we always see or what other tries to portray us is not always the truth. Never think that if a person seems happy outside means he/she is happy always or content with everything, maybe it’s a perception for the world. Be happy with what we have, and try to cherish things and people we have in life rather than going for what we are not having.

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