Image by Susanne Jutzeler, Schweiz, from Pixabay 

Faded Dandelions
My love, do you still remember
The days of explicit bliss;
When we were companions,
Bosom companions who could never be separated.
Lovers for an eternal timespan,
I still remember,
The warm smell of your blue cotton t-shirt,
The comfortable space in the lawn
Where we used to talk our hearts out,
Now, you have abandoned me
We may never be united again,
But, the memory of the sultry evening
Clinging to the fabric of your nylon cardigan
My pink sweater,
Continues to be persistent
Down my memory lane
The elegant view of the cherry blossoms
Strewn in my heart,
Light pinkish speckles
On my bleeding heart,
People go away,
But memories remain.
Although my heartstrings are baked with blood,
And embellished with the innards of my faint heart
I still cherish the memories of La Amour.
The dandelions have faded, beloved
White and shrunken.

.    .    .