A country can develop only if they provide good quality education to all children. Significantly, a large population of the country is unable to access quality education even after going to schools. The situation became more severe when the corona virus epidemic left the country's future i.e. school going children, locked in their homes. Online education was the only option left for them. The consequences are grave as remotely located poor children are unable to reach virtual education. However, many different and inevitable aspects do exist in the online education system i.e. positive and negative which shall be dealt with in detail. It is evident that there is a vast difference between the rural and urban infrastructure and quality of education which has substantial impact on education.

The parents of the urban children can afford online education for their children as well as they have adequate infrastructure i.e. smart-phones, laptops, internet and easy access to the technology. On the flip side, many children from village and rural areas who come from very poor and deprived sections of the society could not get online education during this pandemic. In this extreme situation, the NGO named “Vidyakansha” lit up the hope of education for poor students. The Organization not only supported destitute children but also provided free online education to such children in lockdown, from online education to career counselling and necessary resources.

The Vidyakansha NGO was established during the Corona epidemic in Gurugram. Aishwarya Mishra has founded this ‘Initiative’ with an intention to change the country through education. It is always said that “जब इरादे नेक होते है तो मिशन को आगे बढ़ाने वाले लोग खुद ब खुद मिल जाते हैं और कारवां बन जाता है”. This mission started flourishing gradually and Prachi Parmita, Gaurav Kumar, Khwaish Kumar Anjum, Govind, Sanjiv Kumar and Hemant Chaudhari joined hands with Aishwarya along with more than 150 volunteers.

The organization not only provided virtual education to children coming from poor and deprived sections of the society in the critical circumstances caused by the Covid-19, but also motivated parents to provide better education to the girl child without any discrimination. More than 150 volunteers are contributing to this noble cause. These volunteers have studied from the best institutions in the country such as IITs, IIM and NITs. Thanks to these selfless service volunteers for contributing in education of more than 462 children from Bihar, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Uttarakhand so far. Getting overwhelmed responses from volunteers and society the organization is determined to expand its education to the poor and deprived children throughout India.

It is well known fact that India lives in its villages, and India's path of development passes through the development of villages and rural areas. That means the dream of a strong and developed India is not possible without the development and empowerment of villages and rural areas. This aspect is more relevant in the present context as it was during the times of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. We can move towards a developed country only by strengthening the poor and the deprived sections of the society. Thus, the educational development of the deprived and poor children is inevitable, and the future of India can be built only by creating a strong foundation of education.

I request my dear readers to share the story further and try to support in all the possible Lit up the touch of an education initiated by 'Vidyakansha'. I share the link below. Please click on it and participate in realizing the dream of a better India by cooperating with it.