"The Magic Mindset: How to Find Your Happy Place " by Preeti Shenoy

BOOKS !!!! Is this only a five letter word? Am I obsessed in the world of books? Undoubtedly I am. Books make our life whole, endless and priceless. A world of books is a paradise to live in.

"The Magic Mindset: How to Find Your Happy Place " by Preeti Shenoy.

Was I Lost In this Book? Definitely I Was. I would like to heartily congratulate her for creating such a master piece. It’s difficult to find a book as honest, inspiring and heart touching like this one.

The title is intriguing enough to catch one’s attention and make one grab the book at a go. The pallate of humane emotions like the joy of friendship, love, money, relationships, break-up, balance of personal and professional life from her personal experiences and social experiments has been aptly depicted. The qualities of hope, attitude towards life, valuable pearls of wisdom, acceptance and gratitude are the major takeaways. Honestly, this is larger than a book. For me, I guess is one of the best self help books.

This book is a casket of motivation, wisdom, knowledge and life lessons and has a lot of things to deliver especially when the youth is concerned.

The excellent storytelling in simplified, flawlessness and fluent English literature along with creativity and vivid description of the protagonists makes the things easily understandable. The pace of the book was well maintained with no exaggeration of events description making it a faster interesting read.

A book is a dream that you hold in your hands. A dream so beautiful, that you don’t want to wake up.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul and a room without windows." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

So true. Books are just magical. The most loyal and quietest friends who make us to dream with eyes open, the only place where we live in a dreamland with the dreams of our own.

Everyone goes through rough phases in their lives that make them stronger, wiser and better. Each and every thing in the book whether a person, their feelings and their life situations so relatable. It makes us understand that adversities in life always teaches, and time is the best healer and the way we react to any situation makes it either better or bitter. The perfect amalgamation of witty one line humors and the capturing of emotions is depicted at the perfect times.

Every conversation, every example, excerpts and references from her childhood, her life, her fathers impression, the Buddha story everything was meticulous in this book. The writer has given some interesting practical tips for readers that will definitely be handy in life. She has given insights on how to avoid tiffs in a relationship, how to overcome unwanted fear while preparing for exams or interviews, how to deal with a traumatic breakup or When the situation is not under our control, how to remain sane.

The novel keeps you alive emotionally and urges you to complete the novel at one go. Writer has done a great job and I would recommend everyone to read this book and am sure it will fill you with an optimistic attitude towards life and motivation to start new things and handle the uncertainties of life easily.

This book came as a ray of positivity and optimism amidst the corona crisis. I couldn’t help and I read it twice and helped me take a break from my busy schedule to rediscover about myself deeply and analyse my inner emotions.

There are a few topics in this book which became my absolute favorite they are:

  1. Re-tuning our mindset from The Magic Mindset can alter reality.
  2. Want it badly, and believe it is coming from Magic Mindset for Money.
  3. Take out time to put in the work from Magic Mindset for Relationships.
  4. Doing a ‘ meal prep’ from Magic Mindset for Good Health.
  5. Don’t force yourself to calm down from Magic Mindset for Exams and Interviews.

I beeped into the book
Into a different world
Nobody can find me
My world stood behind me
I opened the book,
Dealt with tears and laughter
I finished the book and came out
my world still the same
but I have a new world within,

.     .     .