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"The flower's perfume has no form, but it pervades space. Likewise, through a spiral of mandalas formless reality is known." 
                                                                                                   - Saraha

Mandala means "circle" or "discoid object" in Sanskrit which holds a great value in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. It represents a spiritual journey, starting from outside to the very inner core in the form of layers.

There are five basic components that are required for creating a mandala i.e. perfect symmetry, geometry, color, number, and intention behind drawing it. By convention, a mandala is idealized to be an art which consists of concentric circles here, circles not only enhance the beauty but each circle in the mandala holds its own symbolism.

Like, the outermost circle represents a ring of fire that prevents impurities from entering. The next circle represents indestructibility and is appropriately made of diamonds. Next is the ring of eight graveyards, each symbolizing the qualities that tie humans to the cycle of reincarnation. Lastly the innermost represents rebirth and is made of lotus leaves.

Even a mandala can be drawn using different colors where colors represent a concept of extreme enlightenment. The main colors used in the mandala are white, green, yellow, red, blue, and black where all five colors except black represent the Buddha families.

White is a symbol of peace, reflection, and comfort whereas green represents physical healing, nature of love, and care. Blue denotes emotional healing and Red stands for strength, high energy, and passion. Yellow for learning, wisdom, laughter, and happiness. Black symbolizes mystery, individuality, and deep thinking.

Nowadays mandala has been widely used for various purposes like for meditation because for drawing mandalas one requires a lot of concentration and focus as it begins from a central point and then continues with the grids and different patterns. It's like the more time we spend in it, the more complex it becomes. It is even used by psychologists to cure modern life strain, to heal the mental health of people as the mandala is useful to ease depression with which almost 3.8% of the world's population is affected. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and boosts the immune system.

Now you all must be thinking how just by drawing mandalas people can have such a positive impact in their lives, then I must tell you that though you start mandalas for whatever the reason is eventually you will start enjoying the process and lately it will get converted into a positive addiction. People get addicted to drugs because after consuming them they start hallucinating the things that give them pleasure which they are not able to experience in their real lives.

The same goes with this art but the only difference is, the temporary hallucination will become the permanent reality. I am a living example of this. Even I would love to share the thoughts of an amazing mandala artist with all of you so that you can gain confidence in whatever I have told you.

Here it's an interview of the artist:

Interviewer (Me) - According to you what is a mandala? Like how you'll explain it as an art or an emotion.

Artist - Mandala for me is definitely a form of art that just gives you so much peace and relief. For me, it's a form of art that increases your concentration power.

Interviewer - What kind of feeling do you get when you are creating something new like how do u feel?

Artist - Mental peace, calmness, and obviously if you start something new the level of excitement is at peak.

Interviewer - Is there anything you want to share with the beginners like some techniques or some sort of rules so that they can also excel in this art. 

Artist - Everyone has their own way but the utmost importance should be given to consistency and practice. Try, try and you will succeed. For the beginners just grab a pen, compass, and pencil and you are ready to start. And as you keep growing in the journey the quality of your work will automatically enhance.

Here is some of my work:

Source: _amateurartist25
Source: _amateurartist25
Source: _amateurartist25

Mandala literally helps to keep the thinking aside and enable our intuitions to speak. It is a form of art that holds deep meanings within,   which helps to connect with the universe and allows for self-discovery, love, inner peace, and more beautiful things that we can count on. It helps us to forget about our unforgettable past and unpredictable future and helps us to cherish our beautiful present, just present.

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