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Music is something that is emotional and has a lot of feelings to express with. It is a great feeling enjoying music is very great for humans. Music floods the brain with the chemical called dopamine.

Music is an art. Which is being concerned with instrumental and vocational sounds for beauty of form and emotional expression usually according to the cultural standard of rhythms and melodious feeling. Even the purpose of the music is all about expression and emotion. When people came to know something about the music you fall in love with if they really want to know what is music so they may be concerned and work on it.

Music has such a miracle power to make speechless people full of emotions and feelings. When a person is unable to say something to anyone then he has some emotion inside him which is been expressed if he uses music. Music is just like a life which cannot belong if a person doesn't take interest or take care of it as like a singer have to take care of Saregamapa and the vocal instrument also. 

I don't know what to be written about music because it is just emotion and feeling fond that a person can express in front of one as we can take an example if a person wants to propose another one he directly can feel shame or shy but if you use the music as communication so so it may be very great and help to express his emotion in front of the other

In real life, we also thought that some people have a feeling of care for their partner's but feel very shy they may also use Music as their transport of music. Music can make a person full of speech from speechless earlier. A person who doesn't want to live anymore can live 1000 years with the help of music when he fell in love with it. I don't have a lot to say about it because it is just emotion but really it is very fruitful. Now I want to shut because I don't have a lot of words to express this feeling but really when anyone who is reading my article in love with it and who loves music can feel and can think what I really want to say.

A person can live a very healthy life when we have a place for music in his life. If you are having a talent of the same and God had given you such a miracle so you may not stop and don't live in a veil and just go ahead to show your talent towards it that can make others with emotion and feeling from a speechless people.

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