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Culture is the integrated pattern of human knowledge, beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious or social group that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to the succeeding generation. Culture plays a predominant role in developing values in a child and shapes the mindset of every individual. In most educational systems around the world, we have subjects catering to their respective cultures. But in India, there is a subject named ‘Indian Culture’ that is dedicated to equipping students with the background information about Indian cultural values and traditions in detail. However, due to various reasons, this subject is not rightly delivered to students.

In India, subjects like Culture are not diligently pursued. People talk about culture, but they do not develop an interest in either study or research on it. The reason behind this reluctance is because society has been blinded by various marketing strategies to focus on subjects that are lucrative in the financial world and as a result of this, the very purpose of education, which is to gain knowledge is lost.

Study of Culture and what does it offers: Study of Culture is not an emerging field of study like it is portrayed; instead, it is an established domain. Researchers state that ‘understanding of cultures is very important for the human race to survive in peace’. We talk of the world as a global village, but we do not understand the cultures of different lands. Often, we are not equipped with knowledge about our own culture to understand what we are.

Culture is not just mere history or a topic to discuss; it is a way of life. Studying about different people, their way of living, and knowing about their ancestors is the actual study of cultures. It offers a wide scope to understand people closely. It helps us in learning and respecting other people and their way of living. Understanding culture paves a way to communicate with each other in a better manner thereby uniting our world as a global village.

Should culture become a component in the education system? Studying culture has been already a part of the education system in India, but to what extent is it rightly implemented or rightly delivered as a subject is a question. Sadly, it is at a minimal level. There is a serious need for a modification or reframing of the subject content which includes information dealing with the other cultures and lifestyles as well.

Government Schools and Colleges should encourage and take initiatives of introducing exchange programs with universities of other countries. Cultural togetherness is unbreakable and leads to the peaceful wellbeing of every individual on this planet and paves the way towards global peace.