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Do you ever know that even a standing coin can fulfill your desires and wishes? Here I am sharing with you the glimpses of popular sites in Hyderabad, and there is one with an enchanting history-Peddamma temple. In 1993, the temple was reconstructed in such a grand manner that it came to be known by many people. Let us now learn about the glory of Sri Peddamma Temple located in Jubilee Hills, Telangana.

The founder of the temple was ex-MLA of Khairatabad Late P. Janardhan Reddy and this temple came into public attention since 1993. This is the temple of Goddess Durga who is the symbol of strength and power.

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Peddamma was an incarnation of Mahishasura Mardini is also known as Peddamma Gudi. Peddamma in Telugu means maternal aunt in another term it means the mother of the universe and devotees pray to her with a lot of devotion. In Tamil, it is referred to this term as ‘Periamma’ and in Kannada as ‘Dhodamma’. This is an exclusive temple only for Goddesses. This temple is considered next to 'Ujjain Mahakali Temple' in Secunderabad, Telangana.

A priest from the temple said, “Sri Peddamma Temple has been located in the Jubilee Hills area for many years and has been very popular since the year 2000. This small temple has a history of 150 years, also known as Moolagudi. Temple complex has a five-storied Sanctorum, a seven-storied Rajagopuram, a marriage hall, and dormitories.”

“There is a belief that if the rupee is standing vertically at the flagpole without falling, the wish in the mind will be fulfilled.” He adds

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About Peddamma Gudi
Sri Paddamma Temple is located in the Jubilee Hills area of ​​the city of Hyderabad. It is one of the oldest temples in Hyderabad. The temple is about 150-year-0ld.

When you enter the Peddamma temple it welcomes us with a huge arch, ample parking area, and stucco image of a Trident, Shanku (Conch Shell), and Chakra. Many people take photos beside the Trident and the Gopuram.

One could even see the Dwajastamba surrounded by a square metal bar and a hundi placed beside it. There were places around the Dwajasthamba where people were earnestly trying to place a one rupee coin upright. It is believed that if a devotee can make the coin stand, then his wish will be fulfilled.

In the outer corridor towards the left was the sannidhi of Nava Shakthi. People give offerings and perform pooja to Nava Shakthi themselves. Outside this corridor, Naga Devatha sannidhi found near the Kalyana Mandapa has a huge anthill where people worship and offer milk. In the middle is the vigraham of Naga devatha.

In the Sanctorum, the Peddhamma is seen with a quadrangle with wide eyes, a conch, a trident, a saffron-bearing wheel, and a sword. The mother is adorned with Navratna's definite ornaments. Along with the idol of the Goddess, the festival idol is also here. The Srichakra in front of the festival is regularly sacked.

Brahmotsavas, Bonas, Shakambari festivals, Dussehra Navratri, and Sharannavaratra the temple is bustling with people during these festivals. Thousands of devotees from the twin cities and suburbs of Hyderabad and Secunderabad flock to the temple for worship during the festival.

The altar is arranged by placing lamps on the sacrificial rice. The pumpkin is washed with saffron water and placed on the altar before the idol. The sword is adorned and worshiped and the pumpkin on the altar is cut in two with a knife and sacrificed.

Stories behind the temple
Mahishasura Mardini a form of Goddess Durga, is quite popular. Mahishasura was born to king Rambha, who had magical power by which he turned himself into a buffalo and married Shyamala. Then Mahishasura was born with a head of buffalo and body of a human. He too had magical powers by which he could turn himself into a human or a buffalo.

Mahishasura performed prayers towards Lord Brahma and asked for immortality however, Lord Brahma refused to say that no human or asura could become immortal. Then Lord Brahma granted Mahishasura more powers and also the boon that he could be killed only by women. He thought it was impossible as no woman could match his powers. He then started harming all the three worlds. Dev guns approached the Trimurthi's. All three of them created Goddess Durga.

After killing the demon, Mata stopped at this place and drank water from the well and quenched her thirst. Later, a shepherd spotted an idol of the goddess at the same place where now the temple stands.

Yoga motivator Ankit said, "I'm actually from a different town. I believe here so normally if you place a coin without any wish to be fulfilled, it just doesn't stand but if you wish for something, it holds. I've been coming from 5-6 years but my belief in this temple has been for many years.”

Sriram, a lecturer said that 'I first came to this temple in 2016 with my neighbors. They told me about the coin incident, which has been heard of for more than 10 years. It made me come and try it once and that's when I got to visit this temple and since then I've been visiting'.

This place has a peaceful atmosphere, very pleasant to the eyes and mind. Bonalu Festival is celebrated in a grand manner in this temple. This is crowded during Fridays, Sundays, and during other festival days. And you can visit this temple in the morning between 6 am to 1 pm and in the evening between 3 pm till 8 pm.

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