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Everyone shall taste the death, and only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full…
And whoever is removed from the fire and admitted to Paradise he indeed is Successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a Deceiving thing)…

No one will manufacture a lock without a key…
Similarly, God won’t give problems without solutions…
So try to face it. Win every moment of your life…
Life is a game, I wish you to win
I wish you to walk on roses…
Life is a joy, I wish you to always smile…

A short story of someone who committed suicide In a love affair...

A young boy name Ronald at his age of 26 years, was in deep love with a girl named Sufi. His only aim was to give more and more love to her and to be loved. At his school days, he was very intelligent and smart in his studies and also in extracurricular activities. Though his family background was strong all his brothers were settled in their places and for him was nothing to worry.

There is a saying that “A man is known by the company he does keep”. His friend circle was not good Most of his friends were not good they were some or some other things addicts some were betting, gambling edicts, and some were drugs & alcohol addicts. This habit made him very edict of playing cards betting on the cricket matches, some indoor games like carom board & volleyball, etc. Soon after his school education, he entered an outside world new faces new ambitions with new ideas.

He joined a college with a Diploma in Mechanical. Along with his side business is a travel bus which runs in a local place. There is another saying that “If a student gets his pocket money like a salary than his interest of studies are low”. Because he is getting handsome money before he needs it. The mind of Teenage or college students is very broad and calm he can think whatever they can deserve. So as Ronald taught that he is getting handsome money within this period and what is there in education. He gave less concentration on his education and more on his travel bus business. 

Days pass away he was not well present in his college finally he was detained in final examinations. he took this matter in a serious type. Although he was addicted to gambling and betting, now with that, he started taking drinks Alcohol like this he used to drink from morning to night. At last, he came to the decision that by hook or crook he wants to pass his examination.

Ronald decided to give his examination by his friend who was therefore clever and smart name Udee one of his closest friends who used to live together. Finally, Udee brought up his results in a good way. Later he lost his travel bus business and decided to go abroad and work. Before he takes the first step to interviews “Ronald falls in Love”.

After losing his business he was wandering here and there, and by that time he met a girl Sufi. Sufi a girl from the front street colony with beautiful eyes and heart was too in love with Ronald. They love each other but “Love does not fill stomach it fills only desires”. For this purpose, he had to work very hard to earn money by the meantime he left the country and did the job in Gulf country as a Mechanical foreman. But as his full mind was with his girlfriend Sufi every time he was to think about her. He could not sleep and do his job properly after six months he left the job and return to his hometown. Because he was missing Sufi so much After Ronald returned to his loved one he spent the days more happily with Sufi by enjoying picnics, dating and hence he lose the money that he earned in that six months.

Now the story begins when it came to an ending point. He was now mentally and physically lost. The parents of Sufi supported him to back up but it was too late he can’t do anything. Because he was addicted to drugs and alcoholism. Later at Ronald’s home the argument started regarding his marriage with Sufi His parents too supported him they told him to first live all the drugs and alcoholism and settle himself in a proper manner. And they will arrange his marriage as soon as possible. Listening to these words he felt happy, he roamed here and there to settle well in life but the man who is addicted with some kind of drugs or alcoholism will never settle soon.

His mental intentions were growing day by day due to the failure of jobs and not getting a chance to settle well in life with his love. And he got emotionally distressed and he came to a certain decision to commit suicide. The day when he was going to die he met all his friends loved ones his sisters and parents saying that soon he will go abroad one more time and earn money but at the ending of the day when the sunsets he took the major step. He went near the Railway tracks from there he made a call from his mobile to his friends and parents saying that he is going to die in another five minutes on the railway tracks listening to this his parents told him to come back home for God sake they even told that they will arrange the marriage with Sufi as soon as possible but Ronald was in full disturbed and distress with depression he can't make the proper decision.

After that he made a call for some of his best friends to come and meet once urgent, he told that he want to say something. His friends asked him where he is at present but Ronald again could not understand due to lack of distress mind and depression he only told that I am committing suicide I want to meet all my friends for the last time please come within five minutes because the train is arriving on the meantime and he switched off the phone.

His friend got shocked and run away from their places to save him at a local Railway station but unfortunately till they came he fall between the tracks and killed himself. Thus this is the story of Ronald who committed suicide due to the purpose of Love affairs.

A well saying “Love is blind in which the person could not see anything” So was Ronald he can't make proper decisions due to unemployment and edicts of alcohol from which he got depressed could not make decisions and could not see the proper ways in life,& How to achieve love? In deep love with great emotions.

He wrote a suicide love letter… 

Sealed with a kiss, written in blood
The first good-bye, the last of my love
Words of desperation and extreme torment
The emotions of pure lust and envy
Aching to end, dying to begin
The cruel mistress brings the pain
Along with the clouds and the pounding rain.
The words “I love you” are mingled with hate.
All the things you put me through, tear me apart.
The devil dances in my thoughts,
Holding a black rose.
He calls from his fiery house.
Whispered voices,
Then the voices rise
With the comfort of death.
The joy of your love
Won’t change the meaning of this letter.
So goodbye to you my love,
My hate
My death
My end.

So beware about it, giving life simply for anything is a great sin. Because “God has given life us to live and light candles in darkness to others life”.

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Suicide, suicide in my head
Suicide, suicide I’m nearly dead
Suicide, suicide my wrists are cut,
Suicide, suicide I know I’m morally unwell
Suicide, suicide still in my head,
Suicide, suicide the razors red,
Suicide, suicide my hands dread
Suicide, suicide I know I’m morally unwell
Suicide, suicide prevailing in my head
Suicide, suicide the beginning of life
Suicide, suicide the end of sorrow
Suicide, suicide the end of pain
Suicide, suicide in my head
Suicide, suicides c’mon hang the rope
Suicide, suicide I know I’m dead
Suicide. Suicide I’m dead,
Suicide, suicide I know I’m morally unwell
So this is the real story of Ronald who committed suicide!
When he cried he could not die!
When he closed his eyes he could not die.
When the struggling period came he died.
When he cried, when he closed his eyes he
Could not die.
Coz God wants him to live!

The pain in life made him cried,
If he would not worried he would not died
The stress of life made his eyes close
But he could not die.
Coz god wants to live him!
But when the struggling period came he died.
No joy will be their achieving success without struggle.
The moments of struggle will make the happiness double.

Struggling in the way of getting the aims fulfilled
Burning the desire of our heart killed.
Everything if we get by our desire of aim,
We get shines our name with fame.
We should understand and fight
for the problems which face.
For that reason only we should not get
stressed and depressed. 

How to overcome this type of Trouble in Life:

“When you are in the right, you can afford to keep your temper. And when you are in the wrong you cannot afford to lose it”.

Life is a mixture of ‘Pleasant’ & ‘Unpleasant of joy and sorrow. As the psalmist declares ‘Weeping may endure for a might, but joy and sorrow follow each other as day follows night. But when suffering comes the period appears to be long. A year of joy is but as a day; and a day of suffering appears longer than a year. Suffering is a part of life. It is a teacher we would miss some of the best lessons of life if suffering did not come to us. Many By avoiding of us do not recognize this truth and do all we can avoid a painful experience when trouble approaches we try to run from it and attempt some extreme things like Suicide.

But trouble can never be avoided. The unpleasant experience recedes only for a while to return to us again. By avoiding trouble, we invite greater trouble at a later stage.

There are some who, knowing that trouble cannot be avoided, resign themselves to the experiences which face their lot. They do not resist; they become resigned often such persons are heard to say “What cannot be cured must be endured”. But there is a third way of meeting trouble it is the only right way. The first way of avoiding trouble is full. The second way of becoming resigned ignorance. The third is the way of greeting every unpleasant experience as a friend. Do not try to run away from trouble; you cannot do it. Do not let in trouble. Simply because you must, but move forward to meet trouble. To greet it with the words. ‘Welcome’ friend! What message do you bring to me from God? And you will find that every trouble is a packet soiled outside. But which contains a precious gift. Every unpleasant experience is a package which hides a wealth of wisdom and strength. The person who knows this greets suffering from a smile. He is a true victor, and his way is the way to victory.

For Example:

About such a man my uncle Md. Saleem some years ago he had a flourishing business of injection molding. Suddenly one night by short circuit his workshop caught fire and all that he possessed was reduced to ashes. His machines of several lakhs were lost what he does? Shed tears? No! On his face was a smile and lifting up his eyes he asked “Allah” what would you like me to do next? And over the shambles which once was his workshop, he put a signboard on which were the following words written “Workshop burnt! Goods burnt! Machinery burnt! But Faith not burnt! Starting business tomorrow” Thus he proceeded in life he was a man who knew the right way to meet trouble.

Moral of the Story:

  • Life is like a flower, ever joyful and ever joy pervading.
  • The purpose of life would be fulfilled only when a person born would be wanted and loved by all.
  • Nobody, however, who is disgusted or is about to end life, should not wish for death. No one is born to die and no one should take death as the answer to all human problems.
  • To make life fruitful, we should understand that life is real; life is earnest, and the grave is not its goal.
  • One who has Courage can achieve anything; giving life to death is a Sin of bad human beings.
  • Make a promise to yourself today promise yourself, and someone else in your life that you will seriously try Life to Live, before you try to end your life.
  • You feel right now that Suicide is justified because you feel and think that you can never feel any differently. And what you have you got to lose but a bit more time.
You can always kill yourself late?
You can do it some other time,
some other day right?
Just don’t do it today
Put it off for a while,
Turn back the clock
Start your life over.
Suicide-The Sin

People, the depressed, in their darkest hours, have...

No energy to Move
No reason to live
No will to survive
No hope in a cure
No reason to try
They roam the earth as the living dead
Wanting only to extinguish.
That persistent heart that beats
That ceaseless breath that enters,
The pain that never being wants to die!
They accept only death
Yet do they live?
But giving life to simple reasons are great sins.
Life-The Gift
Life is too short to wake up
In that, all works have to break up
So love the people who treat you right
Do not say that time is not in your might
Forget about the ones who don’t believe
Everything happens for a reason to live
If you get a chance in life then take it.
If it changes your life then give the break to it.
Nobody says that life is not easy
Take promise to make it busy.
Attempting to commit Suicide in life is a Sin
Give love and beloved make everyone's heart wins

.    .    .