Source: Samuel PASTEUR-FOSSE on Unsplash

Far apart the celestial bodies
The world yet to be discovered
The world yet to be named.
The space! The space! The space!
Conceptual notion of zero gravity
Neither filled with positive nor negative.
Energy beyond imagination
Energy yet to be discovered.
The cosmic frequency to nullify the all
Making it neutral and zero.
Far apart our celestial bodies
Beyond, beyond and beyond
Somewhere there lies the truth
The truth beyond the concept and discovery.
To gather up the solution
As per the astrological predictions
There lies the power of cosmic energy.
Spare the origin of the control
Because there lies the ultimate truth
Better leave, lest to get destructed.
The astrological errors
Pointing the life of a human
Resulting in destruction or bliss
Rather the faith did so
Namely the absolute nonsense.
The space! The space! The space!
Just as a nut in a cake
The space in the universe. 

.    .    .