Source:  Cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Think freely. At atmost freedom. Thoughts are voluntary sometimes involuntary but always indestructible. Who can be clear void of thoughts? Definitely not anyone. We cannot keep our brains still or pause of thoughts. Whoever is not assigned a duty to keep doing themselves will definitely find boredom very early. Art of action has got tremendous power to keep control of what circulates through our minds. Since it's impossible to think nothing it's possible to keep control of what circulates only by self. When you read, watch TV, play games, study, etc indulge in some of the hobbies you modify your thoughts by your brain capturing the moment. Instead of dealing with day-to-day activities thoughts are being refreshed along with the quality of the action. The art of action has therefore great influence on our personality development. The more positive your thoughts are the more genuine and authentic you turn out to be in your life. 

Believe in the commitment of action and there lies the rejuvenation of the self. Desiring to leave the mind, thoughts traveling out of us take us to perform action making up a new world are basically only through imagination. Thought has the power to challenge our understanding, mental abilities, concentration, etc. 

Screen good even though bad comes in front. The ability to restore peace and doubtfulness is the quality of the same mind. Don't procrastinate your thoughts because it is disastrous. Don't cage it up like caging birds. Allow controlled freedom to your thoughts. Let thoughts leave a great space in your moment for the art of action. Enjoy it.

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