Source: Ken Cheung on Unsplash

In the mysterical sensuality of calamity beneath this world of hope, love, betrayal, melancholy, and happiness, every creature with its creative aspect has its own magic. Each moment is filled with the art of creating magic. Amongst the scenario of emotions handled by the moments in our daily life and the way of passing on. Since the beginning of our creation of heartbeats in the mother’s womb to dying in cremation, the growth of intellectuality accompanied with sort of emotions leading from early years of childhood with little memory but the most longed for its innocence and its purity, to the last years of poor health concerns, stressed of duties and responsibilities. 

Magic is everywhere in every moment of life, it just needs to be discovered. While discovering each behind the magic, from sipping tea early in the morning at the verandah, the slightest moment of enjoying each sip with the calmness adorned to have a smile at least for a period of calmness giving you the hints of magic. As the day heads on with its usual pace, changing pattern of clouds, hustling of leaves, the scent of the blossoming flowers, ever-changing weather of a venue from the smiling sunny weather to the journey of teary monsoon (accompanied by frowny thunder at times) to chilled winters implying the time of knell mixing with the outside nuisances of noise to serve the equality of magic connected between the good and evil. 

Wow, such days join us in our path of life like every chore of the daily lives. So it starts with the shrieking cry of the newborn to the realisation of finally growing up. The crawling, walking, heading to school, learning with the inhabited world prospect to the thought of “we were just kids a few moments back” and now handing with our own kids in this journey of life. Small achievements to the first job and trials of making everyone happy surrounding ourselves. Just a few blinks and the upside-down world comes to rescue saying it's gone with the memories embedded in the string of moments beading together. The locality roads turn unknown to me and all in a few spans of years. If this is not the magic of moments, then which one?


People around have changed with deteriorated souls, some have their children playing and some have their children playing and some bidding farewell for their future ahead. Everything interchanges but that charm of knowing still has the clue of belonging somewhere in this world to be a part of family. From the visible silence in the night sky seeking peace to hustling noise during the afternoon rush for the realization that we exist as the reminder. Is this not the magic we seek? Every emotion we go through during the thought of shedding tears, feeling empty, quirky to the smiles, little achievements we celebrate sensing our all organs feeling its warmth. Is it the feeling of being loved when you get lost in someone’s arms or eyes? The choice of adoring and growing with each other. 

Loving, cuddling each other to having fights and arguments, then consoling each other to sharing secrets to the watching of our skin turning wrinkled, growing old. The beauty lying behind the moments and the moments and we just need to be more patient to check over how this magic happens in life every day, every moment, every second. While falling in love, no one knows where it would take, but yes it is the most precious feeling in a person. During a proposal or a kiss, the silence highlighting in the background, blushy cheeks, eyes full of guilt, and then the mingling of two lips combining two souls to one. Silence adjourns it. The ambience created and then the mysterious feeling of being in love is so fascinating but the silence plays the key element. In the magic of silence, we all seem to be under it and overpower ourselves.

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