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Image Credit: The NEWS Minute

We Indians are the ultimate kings of “jugaad” (hacks), and it also brings some remarkable inventions with it. In the COVID 19 period, numerous challenges offered to students and entrepreneurs to come up with some modern remedies. While most of the inventions have been coming from the urban areas, there have been impressive creations by rural India as well.

A 9th class student, Sreeja, of Chintalakunta ZP High School in Jogulamba-Gadwal district of Telangana has made her homeland proud of her invention. In an attempt to prevent the virus from infecting people, Sreeja has devised a smart-band that warns people when they try to touch their faces by getting a buzzer. She took the help of her science teacher, Augustine and a local electrician to reach her objective.

Sreeja devised the system after seeing her father going to farming every day and making himself vulnerable for the virus. And the concept of creating an active system came from her teacher, teaching them the precautions to be taken by every individual. With the help of her teacher, she came up with a smart ring that anyone can wear, which went wrong. As she continued to imagine, a remedy appeared in the form of Jambaiah, a young electrician in the village. He helped them to assemble the entire structure, in a way, that it will function suitably. And now, they are operating on its outer aspects to make it more comfortable to wear.

Moreover, Sreeja has created a biodegradable pot using groundnut shells. And when she began reviewing the groundnut shell’s firmness, she realised something should be put in to make it tough. Sreeja says her grandmother is the one who assisted her to learn how to make the groundnut shell firm. Sreeja and Augustine have submitted the groundnut shell pulp to T-Works with the help of Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC) for the verification on rigidity, post which Sreeja expects to market it and replace the plastic planting pots.

For Sreeja, who desires to serve as a collector, innovation is not just speculating over new concepts but moreover to observe the accessible resources in her society and establish sustainable remedies.

(Source - The NEWS Minute)