We all are aware of the fact that success from talent at an early age in life is quite fascinating and rare. And witnessing such talent and their achievements is quite different and fascinating all the time. One such young talented kid from Odisha has just created world records with her amazing talents. Anvi Agrawal from Bhubaneshwar has entered her name in the World Book of Records. Anvi is just two and half years old and she has set a world record for creating 72 paintings, which is the maximum number of paintings made by a toddler.

This unique child artist showed her interest in paintings when she was just 9 months old. Painting is not the only art that Anvi has mastered. She has quite a good command over 37 techniques of arts like reflection art, colours on wheels, pendulum, human spirograph, hair comb texture, recycling old things, and many more. Not only this, this child prodigy has also created an India Book Of Record for speaking Spanish and knowing all the 42 sounds of phonics.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was quite difficult for Anvi’s parents to keep her entertained. However, she tried to learn multiple new things during this time period. And her creativity, hard work, and consistency finally paid off when she entered the Guinness World Records. Today, Anvi has become an inspiration for many people to believe that age is just a number...!

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