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´╗┐Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most significant and celebrated festivals in India. This festival is devoted to the birth of Lord Ganesha and it is largely celebrated by inviting Lord Ganesha idols at residences and lanes altogether. The celebrations proceed for 11 to 13 days relying on the traditions, and people showcase various elegantly crafted idols of Ganesha.

In 2019, the devotees of Ganesha in Bengaluru, Karnataka received a glowing chance to praise a gigantic 30-feet huge idol shaped with a total of 9,000 coconuts. The idol was placed near the Puttengally Ganesha Temple in the city. The Ganesha idol was completely eco-friendly and it was settled together by over 70 devotees who were operating on the plan for about 20 days. And apart from coconuts, more than 20 types of vegetables were used for adorning the temple.

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A News medium ANI, referred to a devotee, Mohan Raju, explaining that it is a tradition in the temple to put in eco-friendly items that can be utilised again. In 2018, the Ganesha idol was formed out of numerous sugarcanes. Along with the coconut Ganesha idol, a ton of halva was prepared by chefs who were called specially for the festival. The idol was removed after 5 days and all coconuts and vegetables were distributed along with halva to all the Ganesha devotees.

This year Ganesh Chaturthi begins from 22nd August and it is not practical to perform any large-scale celebrations in India due to the global epidemic. Recently, the Government of Karnataka allowed Ganpati pandals for Ganesh Chaturthi, reversing the earlier order. The revised guidelines issued by Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa announced public celebrations can be held on August 22, in a restricted manner.

Now, most of the idols across the nation are made of eco-friendly colours and stuff. And the Puttengally Ganesha Temple board have not issued any statement for their unique Ganesha idol to bless the current situation, as Lord Ganesha is praised as the conqueror of difficulties and is beheld as the symbol of health and prosperity.