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A pregnant Indian Bison also known as Indian Gaur was killed and chopped her fully grown foetus by poachers in Nilambur, Pookkottumpadam, Malappuram District of Kerala.

´╗┐Animal cruelty is not something new for India, but day by day, we are ruthlessly crossing all the boundaries. A few months ago, our entire nation was left disgusted after a terrible case of animal cruelty happened in Kerala, where a pregnant elephant deceased after eating an explosive-laden fruit. Even after all the anger and grief, we haven't been able to learn how to behave ethically with animals. 

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Now, another terrible case has appeared from Kerala, where an endangered pregnant Bison was shot dead by poachers and her fully grown foetus was chopped for the meat. A pregnant Indian Bison similarly known as Indian Gaur was killed by poachers in Nilambur Pookkottumpadam, Malappuram District of Kerala. The Kerala forest department has arrested six people in connection with the poaching of pregnant wild Bison at Nilambur Pookottupadam. This conspiracy was primarily unwrapped when forest officials raided the house of one of the involved, Abu, and seized 25 kgs of meat from him. The arrested accused are identified as Abu, Suresh Babu, Busthan, Ansif, Ashik, and Suhail for slaughtering the wild animal, the raid was carried out on the night of August 10. The man, Abu who held a gun, shot the animal and while slicing the animal they recognized that the Bison was pregnant. Poachers pulled out the foetus and sliced it into pieces. The men divided 200 kgs of meat of Bison among themselves and threw the skull and bones in the woods before taking off. (Source - India Times)

The Indian Bison or Gaur is the broadest categories among all the wild cattle. They come to a shoulder height of up to 220 cm and can weigh around 600 kg to 1500 kg. The beast is also known for being super agile for its massive size and can run at speeds of 56 km/h. Moreover, the Indian Bison is a recorded animal in Schedule 1 of the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972. This Act provides conservation to the endangered animal. The least imprisonment for hunting a bison is three years which may span to seven years as well, with the lowest fine of Rs. 10,000.

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The endangered animal hunt accused were evoked before the judiciary. And the Kerala forest department has initiated an inquiry to search if more people were included in the violation. No matter how hungry someone is, they cannot be so brutal just to satisfy their own needs. And something like this always takes place whenever we believe that people can't get any more brutal.