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Hollywood's science fiction movies are fascinating and thrilling for the audience all around the world. The black holes, far away galaxies, wormholes and time travel excites many people. These sci-fi tales arise from the equations of Einstein's theory of general relativity. But perhaps all the theories and fictional tales transformed to reality in 1989 when a missing plane landed on an airfield after 35 years.

A report was published by Weekly World News, a Santiago Airlines Flight 513 departed from Aachen, West Germany, on September 4, 1954, destined for Porto Alegre, Brazil, and it should have taken around 18 hours. On this particular trip, the flight took off with 88 passengers and four crew members. Tragically, the flight vanished without a trace and without any communication with airport bases. Santiago Flight 513 had taken many similar intercontinental flights across the Atlantic Ocean as it did on the day it went missing. At the time of the disappearance, authorities believed that the plane had crashed and for the years to follow, multiple search parties were formed in order to look out for the remains of the passengers or the plane but nothing was found. But on October 12, 1989, without any contact with air traffic controllers, Flight 513 flew into Porto Alegre. At first, authorities demanded to know why its pilot had flown in without warning. But when they approached the craft and took note of its age, they were amazed to discover that it belonged to Santiago Airlines, an airline that had shut its doors in 1956, after all, no one expects an aeroplane to finally land after 35 years missing. Upon opening the doors, authorities found something still more frightening, the skeletons of 92 people, buckled into their seats. The skeletal body of Captain Miguel Victor Cury was found in his pilot’s seat, hands on the controls, with the engine still rumbling.

While the Brazilian government did investigate this strange occurrence, it refused to offer any explanations or theories, much less draw any conclusions. Their unresponsiveness was interpreted as secrecy, and the government provoked outrage from the public over the years.

To anyone who wasn’t present in Porto Alegre to witness the arrival of a plane full of skeletons, the story of Santiago Flight 513 is easy to exclude as a misconception. Considerably, there are many reasons why this story is widely regarded to be false. According to The Washington Post, ‘Weekly World News’, America's foremost journal was infamous for publishing fictional stories in their tabloid. It printed news from a parallel universe, a weirdly familiar dreamworld where popular culture mixes with urban legends, paranoid illusions and unusual fantasies. Moreover, no reliable source of the story of Santiago Flight 513, from 1954 could be traced back to, in order to confirm that the flight vanished into thin air. All we have is the newspaper clipping from 1989 to believe, but at the same time, there are no pieces of evidence about what actually happened to the flight 513, and where did it leave.

The story also seems similar to an episode of 1961 show The Twilight Zone titled ‘The Odyssey of Flight 33’ in which the aircraft somehow, someway travels back in time to 1939.

It, however, doesn’t end the theories about the vanishing of flight 513 and relating this to wormholes and government cover-ups. Numerous times people have disappeared with aircraft and watercraft surface without any explanation, thousands of lives have been lost to these strange occurrences. And nobody quite knows if these supernatural activities can exist in our universe. Perhaps, it’s time to expand everyone’s perception of what actually includes reality.

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