Writing impressive books, poems, articles, and prose with distinct themes is an art, and it is not an easy task to achieve. Whenever we think about a prominent author, we imagine an experienced and very mature person, but the world is transforming rapidly, and it is full of surprises. A 7-year-old had published her book and has become the world's youngest author, and her name is Abhijita Gupta. This little girl lives in Ghaziabad, and she is currently a class 2 student. Creativity runs in Abhijita's veins, and writing is her hobby and she started writing when she was just five. She is the granddaughter of the legendary poet duo Rashtrakavi Maithilisharan Gupta, and Santkavi Shri Siyaramsharan Gupta. This talented girl stays with her parents, father Ashish Gupta who is a chartered accountant, and mother Anupriya Gupta who is an engineer-turned-entrepreneur.

Abhijita Gupta has become a published author at the tender age of 7. The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized Abhijita as the “Youngest Author Of Story And Poetry Book” on 18th September 2020. The Asia Book of Records has given her the title of the “Grandmaster in Writing”. And as per the India Book of Records, Abhijita is the youngest author in India to publish poetry and prose. The title of her book is “Happiness All Around”. Abhijita's book is one of the only children's books that has been authored by a child. ‘Happiness All Around’ is a collection of poems, and short stories that look into the mind of a child. The portraits of the book are also drawn by Abhijita by showing her skills and creative conviction. Except for one poem and one story in Abhijita's book, all the other pieces were written during the lockdown period. And that is when her parents began to take her skills more seriously.

Abhijita's extraordinary behavior as a child often surprises her parents, grandparents, and teachers. When Abhijita was in the nursery, she used to come to her parents and ask them to give her a notebook and pencil to write a story. And initially, with a knowledge of very few words, Abhijita managed to complete a whole story on why it was important to eat healthy food. Since her nursery time, this youngest author in the world has excelled in multiple reading competitions and spellothons. Apart from all educational activities, this little girl also looks out for some social service. She has told her parents that she wants to become a pediatrician because she wants to help poor people. She also wishes to donate her earnings from the book sales to the poor and her mature decisions like this at the age of 7 often surprise her parents.

Abhijita Gupta is a fun-loving girl with incredible observation skills and she gets inspired by little things around her. Other than writing she loves to draw, play with her barbie dolls, and she also enjoys her studies. Abhijita expressed her love for her studies by writing a poem named ‘Study Is My Best Buddy’. Her parents always wanted her to treat books as her best friend, and not the TV and mobile. Her parents used to sit and read with their daughter and slowly her interest increased in reading books, and now, she likes to read wherever she is free because it gives her some sort of happiness. And it was this happiness in reading that led Abhijita Gupta to name her book “Happiness All Around”.

Abhijita's parents didn't help her to edit spellings and grammar in her book, as they wanted to keep the child's genuineness and innocence in the book. Her book has 4 stories and 10 poems and her favorite poems from her newly published book include Mother Earth, Let's Try - Let's Fly, Study Is My Best Buddy, and Precious Friendship. Now, she is planning to write her next book which would be about how she feels about the Coronavirus pandemic and its effects on children. Every record-breaking book has its own set of sections and criteria and the Guinness Book of World Records has recognized Abhijita as per their records. However, the Guinness World Records similarly notes Dorothy Straight to be the ‘Youngest Commercially Published Author (Female)’ to date. Dorothy was born in Washington DC, and she wrote her book at the age of 4 in 1962, and the book was commercially published in 1964.

Abhijita wrote her book Happiness All Around during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown and her parents struggled a lot to get it published. It was an extremely tough task to find a publisher who will publish a book written by a 7-year-old. But after a month of struggle, her parents finally found one publisher to publish her book. Abhijita's book was published by ‘Invisible Publishers’ and today it is available both as a hard copy and a Kindle Edition. Children like Abhijita has the power to change the world with their extraordinary moves and dedication towards something. Abhijita Gupta and her parents are setting an example for all the parents and their youngsters in the world.