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I think a dog is the only animal who can introduce us to the actual essence of unconditional love and loyalty. and If we can have that in our life, things won't be too bad for us. There are some special breeds of these cute gangsters who are just lovable to some another level and one of them is, “The Afghan Hound”.

This rare ancient dog breed has an impression completely unlike any other, fashion-model shape with a stunning silky coat and an exotic face. Except for the looks, Afghan enthusiasts portray this dog as both detached and comical. In short, this particular breed of dog is perfection embodied.

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The Afghan breed is believed to date back to the pre-Christian era and is considered one of the aged dog breeds. Proclaiming from Afghanistan, where the original name for the breed was “Tazi”. The breed is also know as Balkh Hound, Baluchi Hound, Barakzai Hound, Shalgar Hound, Kabul Hound, Galanday Hound. They are very affectionate and adaptable in nature. The Afghan Hound is tall, standing in height 61–74 cm and weighing 20–27 kg. The coat and the hair of Afghan is the most fascinating part of their body. It looks like some kind of royal outfit on them. The coat may be of any colour, but with white markings and several individuals also have a black facial mask. A category may have facial hair that looks like a ‘Fu Manchu moustache’. The moustache is called "mandarins”. These royal animals have an average lifespan of about 12 years, which is similar to other breeds of their size.

Afghan Hounds are well known for their clownish behaviour when they are playing but it can also be obscene and dignified. Since ancient times, Afghan Hounds have been famous for their beautiful bodies. But the silky and trickling coat that is the breed’s topping honour isn’t just for show, it operated as defence from the brutal climate in mountainous regions of Afghanistan. Afghan puppies also have short, fuzzy coats including exquisite facial hair called “monkey whiskers”. But they don’t stay that way for long.

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Beneath the Afghan’s glamorous covering is a powerful, athletic dog stashing as high as 27 inches at the shoulder, assembled for a long day’s hunt. Their massive paw-pads functioned as shock absorbers on their homeland’s tough landscape. This breed has a very high prey drive and may not get along with small animals. Because Afghans are aged hunters, grew to hunt and chase prey by sight, they have a strong instinct to run off in quest of recognized prey. Although today they are infrequently used for hunting. Afghan hounds are continual participants of many events and are also popular in any type of sports in Europe and America. This dog can be a victorious opponent in dog skilfulness trials as well as a therapy dog and companion. The breed also has a reputation among dog trainers of having a relatively slow "obedience intelligence”. An Afghan Hound won BIS (Best in Show) at the 1996 World Dog Show in Budapest. (Source – en.wikipedia.org)

Afghan Hound is a very unique breed for special people. A few breed experts believe that It’s not the breed for all would-be dog owners, but where the dog and owner combination is right, no animal can equal the Afghan Hound as a pet. And these dogs are the most remarkable creatures, for many and they can be the role model for being alive.

Image Credit: https://wallpapercave.com