Much of the actions to fight the coronavirus pandemic have centered around vaccines. However, the demand for different antiviral drugs to treat the virus has also been acknowledged by researchers across the world. In recent times, some governments have undertaken an antiviral task force to observe medicines that can resist the deadly virus. Presently, several companies have Covid-special antiviral drugs in clinical trials. And Pfizer and Merck are taking the lead In producing such antiviral pills against COVID-19. 

The US drugmaker Merck has declared that they have produced a testing drug for severe covid, which can reduce the risk of hospitalization or death by about half. It would be about emergency use authorization for the drug in some regions. According to some reports, Pfizer is also coming up with its antiviral pill known as PF-07321332. This drug by Pfizer is currently going through distinct clinical and other trials.

Many other drugs are already in use to resists covid. Gilead's broad-spectrum antiviral Remedisivir is approved for emergency use against covid in around 50 nations. The antiviral Hydrochloroquine, and a combination of the HIV drugs lopinavir and ritonavir, have also been proposed as possible treatments for COVID-19. Many other companies are similarly competing to bring their antiviral pills in the market, along with pharma giants like Pfizer and Merck. There are some constant discussions within nations to agree on processing deals with the number of generic manufacturers to supply pills to low and middle-income nations. These new antiviral pills against the COVID-19 could be available in the upcoming two months.

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