The Indian army assures our protection from countless external and internal threats to preserve peace and safety in our country. Our army also gets involved in various humanitarian and social activities for the people. We can’t also overlook the fact that numerous bravehearts from the armed forces have laid down their lives for the country. And therefore, to recognize, honour and support these heroes, the Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated on 7 December. This day acknowledges the martyrs and also donates funds for the welfare of the armed forces.

The celebration of Armed Forces Flag Day strengthens the cultural connection between the Indians and the Armed Forces. The auspicious day was decided on August 28, 1949, by the Ministry of Defence. It holds a lot of significance as the central objective of this day is to collect funds for the betterment of the Indian Armed Forces. Further, it aims to implement rehabilitation to the war victims, and the well-being of the former soldiers as well.

During the celebration, the general public is expected to voluntarily collect donations by selling stickers, flags, and other things across the nation. Such activities encourage people to raise the funds in many other ways too. The Armed Forces Flag Day enables Indians to stand with military individuals and their families, as they handle the challenges of the military. The celebration of this auspicious day also aims to tribute the brave and martyred soldiers and increase the respect of citizens towards the armed forces. 

Here are some Official Donation websites for the Indian Armed Forces. 

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