Image Source: Times of India

A specially-abled person gets insufficient job opportunities in our society. And similarly, confront various difficulties to create a prominent career. But an educational institute in Bhopal has created a quite beneficial project to help them. The specially-abled students of this institute will be trained to plant and earn with the help of a plant nursery program.

Firstly, it is very important to understand what is specially-abled. The term specially-abled is used as an alternative for terms like handicapped or disabled. Specially-abled brings out the fact that several people with disabilities are rather skillful for accomplishing a specific duty or task, simply in a way that is different than others or takes more time than that of people without any disability.

Arushi Educational Institute of specially-abled students in Bhopal has started an initiative to employ the specially-abled students. Anil Mudgal is the founder of this institute and this project is coordinated by Meghna Bhakat. They began this project as a small initiative in the lockdown period in their college campus, but soon it transformed into a bigger project as the interest of the students increased. The specially-abled students are being educated on how to sow seeds, cultivate the saplings, grow plants and vegetables for kitchen gardens. Currently, two specially-abled students are training, and the senior special educator said that their students are showing interest in this project. They are also planning to give some remunerations to them.

The institute is looking for an expert to educate their specially-abled students about hydroponics and all other things going on in this specific field. They have developed a nursery that will be operated and maintained by existing and pass-out students at this institute. So far, the nursery has 2000 saplings which are handled by the specially-abled student only. The main reason behind this project is to train the specially-abled students who are interested in it and inspire them to choose it as a profession, to create a secure and bright future for them.

This project is a great initiative to develop new sources of jobs for specially-abled young students. The nursery is doing well and the institute hopes that the students who are participating in this project will be able to live proudly with their own job. This initiative can encourage other important modifications in the education and employment sector for the specially-abled, involving the attitude of acceptance and well-being.