COVID 19 has ceased the entire world and each and every country wants to begin a normal life as soon as possible but is not possible without a COVID 19 vaccine. And the race for inventing a conceivable vaccine is attaining day by day. The surprising declaration by Russian President Vladimir Putin that a vaccine created in the country named Sputnik V has been enlisted and the first dose is given to his own daughter has lifted up the interest of the scientific community.

Moreover, President Vladimir Putin has guaranteed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko the initial export package of Russia’s COVID 19 vaccine. Putin and Lukashenko communicated through a phone call, the day after the violent protests against the Belarusian strongman’s appealed re-election earlier this month. On 14 August 2020, Spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Maria Zakharova claimed that the uprisings were an outcome of ‘outside meddling’. But Putin and the Chinese President Jinping initiated to compliment Lukashenko for the re-election process in the country, while the Western leaders criticized the violent protests and the European Union opposed the outcomes.

The phone conversations were constant among the two presidents, and they moreover talked over the situations both inside Belarus and on its boundary, particularly in the western locations. On COVID 19 vaccine, the two presidents agreed that the citizens of Belarus will willingly participate in the final phase of testing for Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine. The phase 3 trials of Sputnik V are set to begin in the next week. The Russian president assured that Belarus will also be the first country to receive this vaccine. The president of Belarus, Lukashenko, who refused the widespread COVID 19 pandemic during its explosion in the start, now, has officially upheld a total of 70,645 Covid-19 cases since March.

A vaccine does not just safeguard a person from the illness, but it is assumed to be a certain way to attain the herd immunity, where an adequate percentage of the community becomes protected to the disease. Russian scientists explained that the initial sessions were a victory for their vaccine. Their vaccine utilizes adapted concerns of the ‘adenovirus’, an infection that generally results in the common cold, to incite an immune response. But the vaccine's approval by Russians has come before the fulfilment of a massive survey pertaining to thousands of people, recognized as the phase-three trial. And thus, it is extremely significant to wait for the conclusions and drop the excessive hype about it.

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