Heavenly waterfronts, picture-perfect views, and festivities of vibrant culture are the most desirable aspects of the Caribbean Islands. The Caribbean is a region of the Americas that contains the Caribbean Sea and its islands. This region is at the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland. The entire region is situated on the Caribbean Plate, and the region has more than 700 islands, reefs, and cays. From luxury gateways to reasonable journeys, each tourist destination in the Caribbean region delivers its distinct celebrations and adventures. Here are some stunning and vibrant Caribbean destinations for your gateway plans..!!

1. Jamaica:

Jamaica is a Caribbean island nation, and it gives tourist visa for a stay over 90 days, except the visa-exempt nations. Jamaica's north shore is covered with beautiful white sand beaches like Seven Mile and James Bond beach and an intense cliff of Negril. 

There are some luxury resorts around the gushing Dunn's River Falls. The jungle of Ocho Rios swings beautifully with coconut palms, mangroves, and tamarind. You can also taste and vibe with Jamaican culture at places like Kingstone and Nine Mile. From the blue mountains of Jamaica and white sand shores to the smell of local coffee beans, this place feels like a little paradise on Earth.

2. Barbados:

Barbados is an Eastern Caribbean island and an independent British Commonwealth nation. The waves of the ocean dance-like rhythmic samba beat in Barbados. The soft sand of Alleynes Bay or Brandons Beach along with the view of palm trees offers a truly calming session. 

Their yachts in the harbors of UNESCO-attested Bridgetown and strong rum tanks at Mount Gay are very famous in the region. From luxurious clifftop resorts to Scuba-diving in the deep ocean, everything is accessible in Barbados. All the visitors to Barbados must have a passport and valid return ticket for an entry, but most nations do not require a visa to visit Barbados including India.

3. US Virgin Islands:

US Virgin Islands (USVI) is not like any other Caribbean paradise. It offers much more than stunning beaches and typical Caribbean vibes. It has a mecca for yachters, the trio of Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas, together with some beautiful rocky water islands. 

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Then there's also a Salt River Bay, fresh bloom of mangroves with some pretty underwater corals at Buck Island Reef. From Rum distilleries to palm trees on the field, this place offers so much to explore. And USVI tourist visa is mandated for most of the countries, except the US.

4. Cuba:

Cuba has persisted something of an isolated place for travellers in the Caribbean, due to its political instability, but in recent years, this place has become very popular among travellers. Cuba maintains its vintage kind of charm. 

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The Spanish streets of Cuba vibe with some samba, rumba, and smokes. The main island offers some elegant beaches at Varadero. There's also some ecotourism in Karst Mountains in Pinar Del Rio and the list goes on. Tourists to Cuba must obtain a visa from one of the Cuban Diplomatic Missions or travel agencies unless they come from the visa-exempt countries.

5. Grenada:

Grenada is a volcanic island in origin, and it is a Caribbean nation surrounding with some other smaller islands under it. The island swirls with Mount Saint Catherine and beautiful crater lakes of Grand Etang. Massive and beautiful waterfalls carve the land at Royal Mount Carmel, providing some hiking tracks to the visitors. 

The brewing house at river Antoine is home to some of the oldest rum labels in the world. This spice island is a land of nutmeg, vanilla pods, cinnamon, which rolls down with the air in the bays of Grand Anse and Morne Rouge beach. Tourists to Grenada must obtain a visa from Grenadaian Diplomatic Missions unless they come from a visa-exempt country like India.

6. The Bahamas:

This beautiful place is covering over a tremendous 470,000 square kilometers of ocean, connecting the Caribbean with the coastal reaches of the United States, and more specifically the state of Florida. The rich and sophisticated people settled here at beachfront villas and yachts of Paradise Island, with whacking poker chips on the Atlantis casino floor. But the Bahamas are for everyone, ecotourism of Grand Bahama attracts many beach-lovers, water-sports enthusiasts, and divers to the coral garden of Bimini. 

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Travelers to the Bahamas must obtain a visa from one of the Bahamian Diplomatic Missions, except the visa-exempt nations.

7. St. Vincent and the Grenadines:

Saint Vincent is a Southern Caribbean country, comprising the main island of St. Vincent and other smaller islands. It is a place covered with massive dense rainforests and smaller Grenadines to it's south, and it has obtained biodiversity in its nature. Numerous Hummingbirds flit between the flowers, and massive waterfalls crash through the tropical land of St. Vincent. Dolphins and Turtles show their feats in the deep blue water. 

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There are some sparkling varieties at the Grenadines, with the stunning view of Bequia beach and isolated Tobago cays. The scuba diving makes this experience more memorable with the Bat Cave and the endless lines of frogfish and barracudas. Most of the foreign residents visiting St. Vincent and the Grenadines are permitted visa-free access.

8. Haiti:

Where most of the Caribbean islands are all about luxury resorts and hotel suites, this place Haiti is all about adventure. Haiti remains a land of adventure with numerous hidden surprises. There are gigantic walls of the Citadelle Laferriere, that recites the tales of slave revolts. There are some gorgeous sands of Cape-Haitien, the pirate retreats of Tortuga, the forest of Foret De Pins, and its amazing hiking tracks. 

Haiti is one of the best places to visit for adventure junkies in the world. Haiti allows foreign residents from most nations to stay visa-free for 3 months, including India. But all the visitors must hold passports that are valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.



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