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Social Justice is a wide concept of equal opportunities, rights, and fairness in the society that we live in. Yet, there is a lack of awareness about its distinct aspects and issues related to social injustice, unemployment, and fundamental rights. By marking the day to the Social Justice across the world, awareness can be spread to remove barriers regarding race, inequality, gender, religious discrimination, etc. The World Day of Social Justice highlights the social injustice across the world and looks into solutions and improvements.

Maintaining social justice is quite significant for peaceful and prosperous co-existence across the world, and for that reason, the UN General Assembly in 2007 declared that 20 February will be celebrated as the World Day of Social Justice. And now it is celebrated as a day to spread awareness to remove barriers of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, and other things, to uphold the principles of equality.

The 2022 theme for the World Day of Social Justice is ‘Achieving Social Justice through Formal Employment’. This theme has been determined to uplift people around the world to make individuals earn in proper and dignified work conditions, and terminate the unfair ways of the informal economy in the pandemic-hit world. This day stands for such issues which are mostly overlooked by people and create cracks in society.

World Day of Social Justice largely aims of raising collective voices against injustice and any type of discrimination. As a rapidly changing world, it’s the responsibility of our generation to teach the ideologies of social justice and why it is important, so the upcoming generations won’t make the same mistakes as the ones before, and a safe and happy place can be created for all. 

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