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Today’s consumers can enjoy and use their rights of fair and honest trades due to distinct consumer protection laws that are made across the world. These consumer rights help to protect consumers against various types of exploitation like unsatisfactory services, defective goods, and other unfair trade practices. Every year, International Consumer Rights Day is also celebrated to emphasize modern-day matters faced by consumers. This day is marked on 15 March to spread awareness about consumer importance, their rights, and responsibilities.

This year, the theme of the Global Consumer Rights Day 2022 is Fair Digital Finance. It is the era of digital finance with all its online transactions of goods, services, and money. Digital finance can lead consumers and traders to more prominent financial inclusions, and expansion of financial services. According to Consumer International Organisation, the digital marketing consumers are expected to exceed 3.6 billion by 2024. In today’s world, the proportion of account owners making digital transactions has grown from 57% in 2014 to a whopping 70% in 2017.

Digital forms of business have certainly carried new opportunities, yet it has even fetched new risks that can lead to unfair practices of the digital world. The amount of online fraudulent activities has massively expanded in recent years. This year, World Consumer Rights Day has been determined to spread awareness about fair digital finance. While some basic consumer rights apply in all types of consumer transactions, consumers need to be aware of the digital ways as well. It is today's necessity to understand the association between online consumers and digital marketplace and services. Here are some authorized websites that can help consumers to stay notified about all such digital finance matters!

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