Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

The covid-19 pandemic has made us acknowledge the significance of telecommunication and digital connectivity across the world. The entire telecom industry has come out as a remarkably good coping mechanism against the various communication impacts of the pandemic. To mark the extensive significance of the telecom industry and to raise awareness about the extent of communication, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is celebrated on 17 May every year. This day is also dedicated to the evolution of communication, and the possibilities of using the internet and other data to bridge the digital range. The day even focuses on how information transits across the world and highlights the value of communication.

The celebration of World Telecommunication Day and Information Society Day was started to commemorate the ITU and the signing of the first-ever International Telegraph Convention of 1865. This day is celebrated every year with a new theme to raise awareness about the importance of telecommunication. World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2022 contains the theme of “Digital Technologies for Older Persons and Healthy Ageing.” The theme of 2022 highlights actively participating in contributions and innovations with regional, national, and global initiatives to accelerate digital technologies for older people. It is crucial to spread awareness about how telecommunications and information communication technologies have a role to play in achieving healthier aging of people as well.

This year, World Telecommunication Day and Information Society Day will focus on the necessity of using telecommunications and information and communication technologies to stay healthy, connected, and independent. The unexpected devasting occurrence of the COVIID-19 pandemic brought massive health and socio-economic crisis across the world. The pandemic also modified numerous things and introduced us to many new things and made us realize the importance of telecommunication along with digital technologies to focus on matters like health and finance. World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is vital to spread awareness of how crucial telecommunication is in our lives and encourage the development of technologies in this field.

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