Image by Iliya Kolodeznyy from Pixabay 

Tourism is something that simply offers us time to relax and enjoy and also welcomes us to distinct cultures and experiences. Though the meaning of tourism has massively transformed over the years. Today the tourism sector also involves the social, political, economic, and cultural values of the global communities across the world. This year’s World Tourism Day is focusing on such matters and rethinking how we can do tourism in more sociable, sustainable, and inclusive ways. The official celebration of the World Tourism Day 2022 is being hosted on 27 September by Indonesia, and the theme for this day is ‘Rethinking Tourism’. This theme is aiming to encourage people to rethink tourism for sustainable development, including touristic education, employment, and inclusivity.

World Tourism Day intends to raise awareness about the significance of tourism and the need for accessible tourism across the world. It has been celebrated by the United Nations World Trade Organization since 27 September 1980 as this day marks the adoption of UNWTO Statuses. It is even the result of the work done by the United Nation’s specialized agency – the World Tourism Organization. It primarily focuses on the promotion of tourism in various parts of the world. In recent times, the tourism sector has been badly affected by the Covid19 pandemic. However, the UNTWO states that an estimated 474 million tourists traveled globally over the period, compared to the 175 million in the months of 2021. Presently, global tourism communities are focusing on boosting local economies and ensuring sustainable tourism.

The tourism sector in India was also severely affected by the pandemic. However, there has been exponential growth in tourism in recent months. According to the Department of Tourism of India, the number of tourist arrivals in India increased to 392930 in April from 342308 in March 2022. The pandemic has even accelerated the shift to more sustainable models of tourism. Accordingly, this year’s celebration of World Tourism Day also focuses on sustainable and all-inclusive tourism across the world.

World Tourism Day makes sure that travel is convenient for everyone, including people who have specific health conditions and people with lower incomes as well. This day tells us whether we are wandering with a cane or rolling in a chair, the world is open to everyone. So all the explorers should get to travel, get their companions ready, and unfold the adventures!

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