North-East India is a place where nature magnifies with its elegance. North-East is situated amidst the beautiful hilltops and picture-perfect valleys, the glory of this place paints a beautiful portrait in your heart that stays for eternity. But this place is not just all about its scenic views. It is similarly popular for a place that exists as the cleanest village in India.

The name of this cleanest village in India is Mawlynnong. It is located in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, and the village is also recognized as ‘God's own garden’. In 2003, the Mawlynnong village won the title of being the cleanest village in Asia and similarly the cleanest village in India in 2005. The Mawlynnong village in India is known for its cleanliness and it's scenic beauty as well. Every person in this village takes the responsibility to keep the village clean. Residents cleaning the roads by themselves, throwing garbage in the bin, picking up leaves and other trash is a very common sight in this village. Dustbins made from bamboos enrich every nook and corner of the village and bring out the vision of the villagers about cleanliness and environment-friendly stuff. Moreover, this village offers beautiful views of Bangladesh fields as it is placed on the beautiful Indo-Bangla border.


The cleanest village in India - the Mawlynnong is the home of the ‘Khasi Community’, and the population is mostly Christian. The main occupation of this community is Agriculture. And surprisingly, the literacy rate is 90% in this village, with villagers conservant in the English language. 

Church of the Epiphany, Mawlynnong

Another most amazing thing about Mawlynnong village is that this village follows Matrilineal society criteria. As the tradition of the Khasi people, Mawlynnong wealth and property are passed from the mother to the youngest of her daughters, who moreover keep the mother's surname.


The Mawlynnong village is best known for its cleanliness. From collecting waste in the Baboo-dustbins to using them as manure, every resource is utilized properly. There is also an initiative by the Khasi community which mandates that all residents should participate in the cleanliness drives. Smoking and polythene are banned in the village and programs like rainwater harvesting are encouraged in India's cleanest village.

A road in Mawlynnong

Due to the great efforts of villagers, the Mawlynnong village was featured in many magazines like Discover India. This popularity benefited local tourism. In 2017, the NPR reported that, according to the village's headman, villagers' income increased by 60% due to boosted tourism. The travel routes to the cleanest village in India are very scenic with multiple roads clustered by lush green hilltops and beautiful landscapes. Mawlynnong is connected to Shilong by road and the nearest railway station is Guwahati. One of the nearest ways to reach the cleanest village of India is to use Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati.

The Mawlynnong village is setting an example for all other regions in India. And our country should salute to the cleanliness endeavours by the villagers with their own efforts.



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