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It's been more than a month; the actor Sushant Singh Rajput took off to meet his mother in heaven. Not to brag but this young boy was an inspiration for millions and still, some how he felt alone and ended his life. But he left a delightful gift for all of us, his movie, ‘Dil Bechara,’ which is an adaptation of an iconic movie, ‘The Fault in our Stars.’

At first, I didn't want to watch the movie because I was damn scared of its ending portion, as I have watched the movie, ‘Fault In Our Stars’. And I wasn't ready to believe the fact that this will be the final movie of Sushant Singh Rajput. Irrespective of whether you were a fan of Sushant's movies or not, it is very difficult not to feel heavy at the thought that he won't be showing his incredible acting skills after this.

Dil Bechara unfolds a few things instantly. One is the realisation of the sheer distress of the loss that Sushant Singh Rajput's death signifies. And this awareness is thoroughly magnified by the film itself. It enlightens us to love life even with the feeling of inevitable death. The other is the awful feeling that Sushant, who delivered numerous excellent performances in his tragically short career, won't be having a chance to entertain the world with his talent anymore.

In this wonderful movie, Sushant acts as a bubbly Jamshedpur chap who somehow try to overthrow his disability aroused by cancer and resides his existence with fun and prosperity. He draws passion for living his life from a growing bond with an ill girl, who has thyroid cancer. The guy has an inexact leg, the girl has to carry around an oxygen cylinder, and the time is rapidly running out for both of them but the couple chooses not to let the feeling of death pull them down.

‘Kizie’ Basu (Sanghi) and Immanuel, ‘Manny’ (Sushant) meet in a college fest performance before they drift tighter to each other in a cancer support group. Manny is already in love with Rajinikanth's movies and the girl, Kizie, who lives with her parents, digs the work of her favourite musician who vanishes somewhere leaving her favourite song ‘incomplete.’ While Manny and his best friend JP (Jagdish Pandey), another cancer patient who is on the edge of failing his eyesight, want to make a film with Kizie as the female lead. Convincing Kizie brings some efforts, but Manny gets her on board with his charm and adoring nature. And I laughed with tears in my eyes when he said, ‘chal jhooti’ to Kizie.

The relationship between Manny and Kizie blooms very shortly and the two become ‘inseparable’, even after Kezie's unstable medical condition. He tries to spread joy in Kizie's life with the touches of humour, pranks and incredibly expressive ways. Together they want to make the most of the limited time they have before the end arrives. And one fine day, Manny tells Kizie that he has managed to track down her favourite musician and get in touch with him.

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This reflects the love of Manny and how badly he wants to fulfill all the wishes of Kizie. Then Kizie e-mails the musician, who replies that she can visit him in Paris to get her what she wants. And then they make a trip to Paris, where she wants to unravel how the retired crooner's ‘incomplete’ song should end. But while leaving to Paris, Kizie's cancer gets dreadful and she is hospitalized. After the recovery, she distances herself from Manny due to weakness but she later changes her mind and says, ‘Tum mere heart ke liye zarrori ho.!!,” that reflects how much value Manny holds in Kizie's life even if she is on the edge of dying. After that, they go to Paris to visit the musician, who turns out to have no resolved answers which disappoint Kizie a lot and she realizes that ‘Gana adhura isliye tha, Kyun ke life he adhuri hai.’ And soon after, Manny informs her that his cancer had returned. And things get worse for Kizie as Manny's health gets more fatal, Kizie assures him to finish the film.

Manny then invites JP and Kizie to his mock funeral, where they perform the dialogues that they have both prepared. And Manny actually dies soon after, leaving his loved one, Kizie, in shock with a letter, explaining that he had ‘completed’ her favourite song. JP's finished film is premiered in an open theatre, where Kizie and the crowd experience the feelings that Manny went throughout the screen.

Now, I don't know, how does this reel ending carry so many similarities with today's real ending? The actress displayed a vibrant rapport with Sushant in this film and I think everyone cried when she said, “Jaise usne entry li, waise he ek din usne exit li, aur mujhe phir se akela chod dia.”

This movie enlightens us about the decay, distress and death that looks at the colourful side of the life through tears flirted with the concern and the experience of losing a loved one. The way ‘reel Manny’ wrote a letter to his loved one, Kizie, before leaving, I hope ‘real Manny’ would have written a letter to his loved ones too. But now, how can you stop your tears, when this young champ comes on the screen for the last time without any final letter...