Being in love can make us do quite crazy, funny and uncommon things. There is something kind of creepy about loving another person so much that you will reach the peak of doing something illegal. From violating someone’s space to stealing a camel for a loved one, a person in love can do any crazy thing. Camel is highly regarded and seen as a symbol of the cultural heritage of Dubai, and this animal is generally known as the ship of the desert because of its walk, which is much like the motion of a ship at sea. Patience is one of its most observable features and they are generally very useful. But what if someone steals a camel just to impress his loved one? A Dubai resident stole the camel of his neighbor just to give a unique gift and impress his girlfriend. According to the Gulf News, the man stole a camel from his neighbor to gift and impress his girlfriend. He trespassed on his neighbor’s farm and stole a very expensive newborn camel. Director of Bur Dubai Police Station Brigadier Abdullah Khadim, told the Gulf News, that the camel owner called for his missing baby camel at a farm in Bur Dubai a few hours after the camel was born.

When the neighbor lodged a complaint that a baby camel had gone missing from his farm, the Dubai police launched an investigation and searched nearby areas, but the police were unable to find the missing camel. The owner of the camel was getting worried because it was a very expensive breed and camels are considered very important in the desert. This extremely enduring animal has many amazing features and they are used for transport, food, milk and many other things. And thus, when the man lost such a useful and expensive possession, he got concerned.

After a while when the thief who stole the camel for his girlfriend, realized that he can’t take care of the animal and that he has committed a huge crime, he got extremely worried that he would be arrested soon. The man decided to inform the police and tried to call them and misrepresent the story. The cops soon receive a call from a man who said a stray camel had wandered onto his farm, which was around 3 kilometers away from where the baby camel had been missing. The cops got suspicious and interrogated the caller who ended up admitting that he had stolen the baby camel. When the cops caught his lie about the entire event, they arrested him and his girlfriend as well. 

The thief reportedly told the police that he had wanted to steal a male adult camel for his girlfriend. But when he entered his neighbor’s farm, he did not find an adult camel, so he ran away with the newborn camel only. It was easy to steal the camel because there was just one main road that separated the two farms. But after a few days, the thief got worried about being caught and called the cops, making up the whole fake story about the stray camel. Later, the stolen camel was returned to its owner and cops took the accused and his girlfriend into custody. The couple was stated to the Dubai Public Prosecution, and the baby camel was returned to his mother. However, this tragically hilarious crime is enough to make people understand that some people are capable to do anything for the sake of their love.