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American Horror Story is one of the most popular horror shows in the world. This television series is a collection of stories containing a house with some deadly secrets, an asylum, a witch coven, a hotel, a haunted farmhouse, and an apocalypse as well. It has nine seasons till now at it is created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. American Horror Story as a whole has proved itself to be one of the greatest horror shows, ever. It is loved by its audience and the critics too, and like all the popular and decent horror tales, the American Horror Story has it's own set of surprising and weird secrets.

1. The background on Briarcliff:

Briarcliff was the setting for Asylum in American Horror Story, and it was based on a real place. The Willow brook State School was an institution for disabled children in New York, but it had a hidden secret just like American Horror Story. It turns out that the school kept the children in terrible conditions, and the abuse was common for them.

2. Hotel Cortez is based on a real murder hotel:

Hotel Cortez from the American Horror Story was inspired by a real-life homicide plant hotel. The entire set was inspired by H.H Holme's Chicago Hotel, known as the Murder Castle. The hotel was constructed in the 1800s and Holme's made sure to contain several trap entrances and unknown passages so he could handily lay away from the bodies after he slaughtered the guests.

3. The real hate on Twisty the Clown:

We all completely hated the scary clowns from American Horror Story. And it turns out that even the real clowns were against Twisty the Clown. Clowns of America International, a club for professional and amateur clowns, spoke against Twisty, letting out that they do not support any medium that sensationalizes Coulrophobia or ‘Clown Fear’. American Horror Story's creator Ryan Murphy stated that he was worried about the clown being too scary for the television series.

4. The real-life story of the Alien Abduction:

The producer of American Horror Story, Tim Minear clarified the explanation for the alien abduction of Alma and Kit Walker in Asylum. This act was based on a real-life couple Betty and Barney Hill. According to the producer, this couple's real-life alien abduction story is from the fifties, sixties. And they took the idea of alien abduction from this story.

5. The Murder of Chicken Coop happened in real-life:

In the hotel, the son of Hazel gets abducted and later gets murdered. But it shows up that the chicken coop murders happened before the American Horror Story. The actual Wineville Chicken Coop Murders happened between 1926-1928. Young fellows from Los Angeles and Riverside County, California were abducted and slaughtered.

6. The dreadful scene of eating the pig brains:

Almost all the viewers felt sick and disgusted when Vivien ate the pig brains in the American Horror Story. When the creator Ryan Murphy opened up about this particular scene, he explained how actor Connie Britton shot that scene. The pig brain was entirely made from gelatine and all those things turned into a brutal act in the series.

7. Dedication of Naomi Grossman as Pepper:

Naomi Grossman played the character of Pepper in Asylum in American Horror Story. The character of Pepper, who is born with microcephaly, suffers from a rarely small head. Naomi Grossman went truly above and beyond the expectations of the role when she shaved her entire head and gave two-and-a-half to three hours of makeup and prosthetic application every day. She also donated her hair to Locks of Love.

8. All the American Horror Story seasons are connected:

The creator of the American Horror Story Ryan Murphy ultimately disclosed that all the seasons in the show are interconnected, he never gave a proper explanation about how the entire show is connected. He says that eventually every episode and season is connected with a tragic tale and it is moreover a terrible puzzle to solve.




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