Cricket is the most popular sport in India and it is praised as ‘The gentleman's game’, but more often it is not always such a gentlemanly game, with several players getting accused in controversial issues that do not express the sport or themselves in a good light. On-field, players put up their promising efforts to win, and there is no doubt to that, but occasionally controversies too strike, dragging the respect of the game to low levels. And here is a list of some furious players, which has some of the greatest names in cricket history, who time and again had to deal with their anger-related problems during their career:

1. Virat Kohli:

Perhaps the most popular cricket player of today's time and moreover, one of the greatest batsmen of all time, but with some matters considering his temper, there have been a number of serious issues in his career. The Indian captain displayed his finger to the Sydney crowd when they kept on outraging him and his team during India's tour to Australia in 2012. His explosive behaviour received a lot of criticisms from all the corners of the world. Then, during a practice session in Australia in 2015, Virat uncertainly yelled at a journalist with abusive words for writing about his connection with the actress Anushka Sharma. Further, he got involved with Gautam Gambhir in an ugly dispute during the IPL game in 2016. His problems with Anil Kumble occurred in a way, that, the Indian legend resigned from his post of Indian coach. But Kohli's anger issues haven't affected his batting performances and gradually the angry young man adapted a decent way to react and that totally transformed his image.


2. Ishant Sharma:

This tall Delhi pacer retain a lot of talent and skills that have withstood some of the most dangerous batsmen in the world. However, he is also known to blow up with uncertain anger issues at several times. Although people understand the fast bowlers being aggressive, they definitely don't want them to show a middle finger to opposition fans. The concluded test series between India and Sri Lanka has seen the angry Ishant Sharma holding a bold pacer with his anger issues. Ishant Sharma's disputes with Dhammika Prasad in the SSC test match was not rare, he moreover criticized Upul Tharanga with harsh words. He was fined 50 per cent of his match fee for using inadequate language after dismissing Steve Smith during a test at Brisbane. However, with time and experience, he has become a team veteran and now a lot calmer than he used to be.

Source: Livemint

3. Harbhajan Singh:

The Turbanators whole career has two prominent things, achievements and controversies. His bold temperament has overseen a lot of on-field controversies in cricket. Harbhajan was always a world-class spinner but he certainly didn't have a cool head. During his debut ODI when he was just 17 years old, he confronted in a war-of-words with Ricky Ponting after dismissing him. He was hit with a fine and banned for an ODI. Harbhajan was similarly charged for his disputes with Greg Chappell. There are two events involving Harbhajan Singh that the entire world will never forget. One is his shady involvement in the ‘Monkeygate scandal’ and the other one is his slap story with Sreesanth. This fiery spinner has been involved in some of the biggest disputes in modern-day cricket.


4. Gautam Gambhir:

Former vice-captain of India, the opening batsman Gautam Gambhir is always recognized to be a player who wears his heart on his sleeves. Gautam Gambhir resided a celebrated career, but he was yet involved in several conflicts. Gambhir had a very heated argument with his Delhi coach, Bhaskar Pillai, during the Vijay Hazare Trophy in Bhubaneswar in 2017. He has conveyed a four-match suspension from first-class cricket for his behaviour. Gambhir was involved in an infamous conflict with Virat Kohli during an IPL game between KKR and RCB in 2016 which raised many eyebrows about Gambhir's anger issues. The cricketer was also involved in a big fight with Shahid Afridi in 2007 during an ODI at Kanpur. The match referee Roshan Mahanama fined the Pakistani 95% of his match fee. Gambhir was also fined 65% of his fee for breaching the ICC's Code of Conduct. And over the years, even after retiring, his clash against Shahid Afridi remains alive.


5. Sreesanth:

Shanthakumaran Sreesanth lived a controversial career and it was an obvious choice for this specific list. Sreesanth came into unpleasant attention when he celebrated Sachin's wicket in the most intense way possible during a domestic game. Sreesanth and controversies were like hand in glove and the fierce fast bowler got caught in multiple on-field controversies throughout his career. That dance against South Africa surprised everyone. He was included in conflicts with the International stars like Andre Nel, Andrew Symonds, Ricky Ponting and Harbhajan Singh positioning him as the bad boy of cricket. His suspicious career finished off on a similar note after his apparent involvement in the IPL spot-fixing. In recent times, he received some anger management sessions, and now he has curbed down his anger.


(Source - India Times/Mensxp/Wikipedia)