From spooky old stories written in books to amateur YouTube videos of "ghost-hunts," mysterious tales of fantasies and demons have been recorded since old times and continue to excite people today, each one associated with chilling history or myths. They involve everything from abandoned forts, left behind villages, sealed mines and creepy hotels. As India has seen many empires rule over it and there are many forts and military structures left behind from these dynasties that are proof of their past splendour, Forts have always been a symbol of might. However, not all forts sew tales of heroism and bravery. Many of these forts have a spooky history that warns odd and unusual tales. The state of Rajasthan is a prominent base of all the mysterious places and forts like Bhangarh, Nahargarh and Mehrangarh. Other forts like Shanivarwada in Maharashtra, Feroz Shah Kotla in New Delhi, Golkanda fort of Hyderabad and many other forts seize hauntings and mysteries.

The Fort of Bhangarh always tops this list of the haunted forts in India as it is the only place in India which is recognized as “legally haunted” and one has to take permission from the government to enter the premises after sunset or before sunrise. There's a board erected by the Archaeological Survey of India (who are in charge of its upkeep) at the entrance, which says “Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.” This fort was built for Princess Ratnavati of Alwar. Folklore has it that a Tantrik worshipper by the name of Singhania fell madly in love with the princess and tried to use the dark magic to charm her. The princess, however, saw through this and ordered him dead. In his last breath, he cursed the princess and the entire tribunal. The hauntings and stories of this fort are well known by many travellers.

enter image description here Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan state of India
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The next one is Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, which is in RajGhat, New Delhi, Right beside the Jami Masjid lies the troubles of Feroz Shah Kotla. The place is well known among the locals as being the resting grounds of Jinns. Jinns are said to be cruel spirits, cast out of heaven and cursed to permanently roam the earth. Jinns are said to prey on vulnerable young women and children at night. These spirits are said to have no shape and are invisible to the naked eye. To calm them, the grounds are left with offerings such as milk, grains and fruits.

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Shaniwarwada of Pune, Maharashtra has always been home to the Maratha Peshwas and their followers. The fort was built in 1732 in honour of Peshwa Bajirao has come to represent a gruesome betrayal. Narayan Rao, who was 18 at the time, was the fifth ruling Peshwa in Pune. On the order of his uncle Raghunathrao and aunt Anandibai, Narayan Rao was bruised by his guards. It is said that till this day his screams for help can be heard in the fort. In the early 1800s, the fort caught on fire and burned for a week. The spirits of those people who died in this fire are also said to haunt the fort.

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Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Another fort called Nahargarh stands at the foothills of the Aravali Mountain Range that overlooks the city of Jaipur. The Maharaja Sawai Raja Man Singh wanted no one to lay eyes on his queens and hence, ordered the walls of the fort to be built extremely high. Even the magnificence of the palace cannot keep out the spooky atmosphere that the fort casts. It is said that even after his death, the king would come back to the fort and it is his spirit that haunts its corridors. At a time when the fort was undergoing a renovation, a person was found dead inside under mysterious circumstances.

enter image description here Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur, India
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Last but not the least, Golconda Fort of Hyderabad, which was ruled over for the longest time by the Kakatiyas Dynasty. The fort was constructed in the 13th century but has seen various renovations under the urges and fancies of its many rulers. It is said that the King’s mistress haunts the fort. Her spirit has been seen dancing on what once used to be her stage.

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Thus, the History of our country is the midst of all these stories. We also have millions of folk tales and ghost stories to share. And most of the stories take on the identity of places like this.