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COVID-19 is distinct to any other situation which is affecting the whole world. It deliberately transforms the object of convenience to the object of necessity, to increase the reliefs and give front line workers the time to work on the things that only they can do. Recent artificial intelligence and distinct technology will have a massive part in measuring our aids and making it more accurate.

In the entire world, tech companies are investing in valuable innovations at the service of frontline workers and COVID 19 patients. While tech giants like Google and Apple have already built plans to enable track the spread of the novel coronavirus through smartphones with ‘Exposure Notification System’ (ENS). Now, it seems that the next device that is determined to play a crucial part in this struggle against the pandemic is going to be smartwatches. The organisation that looks at the progress of Bluetooth standards is known as ‘Bluetooth Special Interest Group’ (SIG).

The organization has declared that it is uniting with 130 companies to widen the stretch of the smartphone exposure system to wearable devices. When ENS plans are contained in wearables, such as wristbands, it expands to deal with communities where smartphone practice stays low, involving children in school and elderly people. The SIG institute's primary draft of the wearable devices is determined to be available for review within the next few months. However, the use of these devices will expect users to connect it to a smartphone or internet-connected devices. The company is highly counting on including the wearable devices in an ENS for expanding its scope to benefit some important communities.

Countries like China, North Korea and the U.S. are working more on wearable devices such as watches, wristbands and rings. Several nations are utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing to help healthcare providing new ideas to fight the virus. These nations are moreover using everything from software and robotics. And now, in India, an IIT Madras produced startup, Muse Wearables has assembled a wristband that can discover coronavirus signs at an early stage. They held up INR 22 crore to develop the wristband and the wristband will be priced at Rs 3,500 and will be accessible for buyers across 70 nations.

The wearable tracker has detectors for temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. These detectors can continuously trace symptoms to enable early treatments of COVID-19 symptoms. The wristband will be Bluetooth-facilitated, and it can similarly be engaged to the smartphone with the Muse Health App. The activity data of users will be preserved on the phone and the remote server.

Besides, the app can get alerts from the Aarogya Setu app and inform the users as soon as they arrive at a COVID 19 hotspot or a containment zone. Organizational access is also equipped for centralised monitoring of people staying in containment zones. The Muse wearables are trying to target two lakh product sales this year with plans to achieve 10 lakh product sales by 2022 across the world.

In this pandemic time, there is a large scope of possible utilization of modern technologies figuring out numerous issues with the tools that have become key aspects for greatly monitoring and preventing virus outbreaks, and not many of them are developed enough to show accurate effects. But when controlling the outbreak is a major challenge, technology can match the order and rate at which the recent pandemic expects treatment, as modern technology always portrays to a cheerful way.

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